An NPC Casino

Literally on bbc news channel right now.

Yet this proposal does not include loot boxes.

part of the reason they did away with gambling was the EU released regs against games that “advertise gambling to children” as a side bonus they got to blame it on RMT

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Perhaps changing the rating for the game could help. That way ccp can say its advertised for adults and not children.

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It probably would, but at the sametime restricts their playerbase.

Well the vast majority of kids play M-rated games without difficulty, CCP just needs to have a ‘are you 18’ disclaimer and checker (which everyone ignores), to evade any legal issues. The playerbase will not be restricted.

Just because you play games above your age limit doesn’t mean everyone does.

Higher age rated games seem to have fewer players.

Can you give me some examples? Many classic games across age differences tend to not have much difference in players based on rating, Call of Duty is claimed by everyone to have immature kids playing, how is that possible with an M-rating?

EVE Online has many players entering the game, the only issue is them staying. But getting them in the door is not a problem, and adding good heat sinks won’t reduce people entering the game. In fact, if some overzealous moral judge or country makes a scandal, everyone is going to want to play the game more.

I don’t. I just remember reading an article on comparing age ratings between films and games and a survey on parents.

The jist being that age ratings were considered less for games than film. But there was still evidence to suggest that higher age rated games limited sales when compared to similar games that were given lower age ratings. And this was echoed in the survey half of parents would not let their kids see a film with an adult rating, vs 14% of parents would not let their kids play an adult rated game. But it’s still 14%.

No link though.

I asked for a link only to see if you had a study, since we both don’t have one saying each side is better I will go with what is financially the best. Many parents let their kids play whatever they want, the few parents who police the kids gameplay are too insignificant to have to worry about, and tend to be parents that likely wouldn’t let their kids play either due to religious belief or strict upbringing.

EVE is a game where you are an immortal pilot that is wired into a capsule through the spine and brain, and has a very dark lore supporting the game. Those under 18 who play are rare, and the few who do most likely have parents who could care less about their gameplay, and can easily fund their subscription and NES purchases through Steam or prepaid cards.

Therefore, saying that a good isk sink that many paying adult players enjoy, (an EVE casino that rewards isk and standings, perhaps even LP for a special casino LP store) should be banned in order to satisfy a very insignificant portion of the population, who more than likely will never play, is foolish.

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Pretty much this, especially when people complain about little Johnny using dad’s credit card to rack up $750 in what look pretty much like gambling debts.

So…just no.