An odd request involving CODE

Can CODE npc’s be added to some mining missions? as a sort of continuity and lore thing that has seemingly become part and parcel to mining in highsec at least?

And indeed why not courier missions too?

Wondering if somehow that couldnt somehow involve actual code players…

Infact i wonder if that couldnt be the solution to the greifwatch stuff, rather than re adding ‘buddy’ watchlists the way they were simply send a message to any viable parties nearby that someone is doing something near xxxx but without giving out too many details?

and no, im not even a code fan.

I don’t get the need.

Code are involved with actual mining and actual courier contracts. With (mostly) life like interactions.

What would we get by adding robotic and non-immersive npc’s?

they become part of the game in its entirety which imo is something that is missing from eve; its almost as if the background history (lore) of eve and the player operated ‘content’ is indeed two different games altogether and i think it should have some sort of meshing together to make it seem and feel more like it is actually one immersive universe with something more akin to one massive story than two completely seperate ones.

What if code stopped playing tomorrow, or changed their identity?

It’s not realistic for devs to keep particular missions up to date with human behaviour. You know what’s going to happen. Something will change and the npc’s wont be updated for years and will be just as irrelevant as today.

But you can certainly record player events and then write it into eve lore like the info found in the observation towers that were de-cloaked, or the monuments you can find after significant player events.

Eve lore doesn’t start and end with missions.

unfortunately this is highly unlikely.

So your saying game developers shouldnt keep upto date with their main source of income?
feels odd somehow.

actually… it really does.

Probably because these PARTICULAR missions will be a fraction of the whole.

Disingenuous much?

I agree, the mining mission tutorials need a CODE. attack so the miners learn to expect this. It is only fair that they be given fair warning so they don’t cry as much later.

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