An Open and Honest Letter to CCP from an Alliance Leader

The game isn’t real life but it is nonetheless played by real people who have a stronger connection to and are more affected by the real environment around them than by whatever happens in virtual world governed by bits of 1 and 0 and who are still influenced by the real-life natural order.

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Was that supposed to be enlightening? “People play games and identify more strongly with the real world than their games”.

When I joined 10 years ago, the game didn’t have to teach me anything. On day 2 of playing another player flipped my jetcan and returned in a hyperion. Day 3 our gaming community’s corp got wardec’d, and day 4 every one of us had player bounties put on our heads.

That wasn’t some artificial intelligence “teaching” us the hard way. That was other people. Living, breathing, fleshy people born in these “high trust societies”. Turns out, people can separate fiction from reality, like adults. People taught the competitive game.

CCP has been taking those tools away that let players teach each other these lessons, and everyone is so deluded with the trappings of reality they’ve lost touch with the fantastical spirit of the game that they think this sort of padded-wall-indirect-interaction gameplay we have of today is a good thing for the game.


No one is invalidating your experience,
but when reality collides with delusion someone gets hurt.
CCP is working hard to teach people how to play their game.
It’s their game. The creator owns and controls.
Truth trumps nostalgia and the only constant is change.


Bro take some deep breaths :smiley:

Sure they didn’t bro. Sure they didn’t :smiley:

Citation required

The only one I can give:

Oh wow 20hrs of meetings.

And as we all know, meetings are the same as actually doing work.

And with the CSM no less! Who profess to have no influence on CCP and who claim not to get to hear anything advantageous to their groups!

Those must be worth having.

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Well Ramona, either the Null has a hold on the CSM which has an undue influence on CCP or it does not.
I play a rarefied game of predictions, but I don’t have a crystal ball.
I know, maybe, as much as you do.

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Im only saying what Ive been told by CSM member regarding those things.

So either CCP is working to improve the game, or they are having meetings with people who claim to do very little of worth.

Im inclined to believe neither, but then Im an untrusting old sort.

The truth generally lies somewhere inbetween, but CCP hasnt been working for the betterment of all players equally, and no, visuals that impact hardware more greatly is not an objective improvement.

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Yes, you’re the delusional one if you truly think that CCP of all people are teaching people the lessons of the ongoing meta of how to play the game. :roll_eyes:

It doesn’t bother me that CCP has artistic license and control over their own game. It bothers me when whiny players show up making demands of CCP instead of figuring out how to click “undock” and get what they want out of the universe.


Your precious little game isn’t that hard to learn. It’s funny how you describe it like some scientists trying to teach farmers the secrets of Fusion. I bet you walk folded in half for the HUGE chip on your shoulder. Players aren’t leaving EVE because it’s hard to play so you can keep your 10-year-old lessons

Why are they leaving? Not enough handouts? Too expensive? Too easy?

What are you actually on about?

Do you always try to work this hard to demonstrate how illiterate you are? Or did the truths that I listed hit a little too close to home, causing you to turn to such an adorable attempt at being venemous?


I know better than to specify whatever I’m “on”.
Besides, I don’t answer questions from just anyone and the IS- … never mind…

You’re funny :clown_face:

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Take off the makeup then.

Your face your job.

Only idiots don’t realize the whole use of emojis is to post their own face. Or do you text your friends posting emojis on their behalf? :roll_eyes:

There’s all sort of changes, improvements, upgrades all the time. Just not really any jesus features (not like those were a good idea). One may not enjoy those changes or they might not affect your play styles but they do happen, all the time.

Beyond that the massive changes that would shape and form the game for the next 5+ years I would hope they’d take their time with, I’m in no rush to end up with stuff that isn’t well thought out (within CCP’s capabilities… heh). Also, so far, lots of the bigger changes give the suggestion that CCP isn’t looking for the quick buck and easy account increase, which to me sounds like they care more about the game than just monies. That’s as straightforward as one could possibly expect from a developer.

Whine less, play more.