Open Letter to CCP and Hilmar, CCP Falcon, and CCP Goodfella


Please let me introduce myself. I am one of the silent pod pilots of New Eden. I have only been playing EVE since 2009. I work full time; have a family and I still find time to play Eve. I am not space poor but not space rich either. I do enough PVE to fuel my PVP. I sub only 4 accounts. I pay for them yearly. I hardly ever use plex. I do not spend a lot of ISK on vanity items. I am probably one of those pilots not discussed in your plans, nor do pilots like me come up in regular discussion. I sub four of accounts each year. I know my $540 USD a year account for very little of the bottom line. To be honest I do not know how many other players out there are like me.
I have seen the great things and the not so great things that CCP has done to keep the Game interesting. For A time, I was vocal on both removing local and cloaky camping as I believed they were both imbalanced. The people doing the “AFK” cloaks were mostly a small handful paid by someone to disrupt activities and they use various barely legal programs to assist. Their Cry is Local is too powerful. They are a vocal bunch. On the other hand, local chat is and was too powerful. Too take it away something needs to be in its place. To be honest there are a great many players that do not say anything. Feeling as I do now that our voices would be drowned out by the few that apparently have no life outside of Eve.
That is now old history.
I read an article about how local going dark in null had the intended consequences. At first I can agree, however I think long term effects are yet to be felt. Yes, at first it was “cool” but now here is what is happening. Content creators are getting burned out trying to find targets of opportunity. Small operations are moving to the big “umbrellas” further polarizing and benefiting the large null sec blocs. Small Indy operations like mine that do not have the time to do things safely, are closing shop.
I will be honest here, the Botters will figure things out far faster than guys like me. My choice is the move most of my operation to high sec. mothball it. Or sell it. And Drop half of my accounts and go PVP only. I do not have the time in the day to set up scouts, completely scan systems down. Even then, when I do it is not safe enough due to no way to see what is in system with me to risk things. You may say I am too risk averse. I say yes I am. Eve takes too much time as it is. I simply do not have the time or the extra disposable income to spare.
I love Eve, I have been playing solid since 2009, with no long-term lapses in my game play. I have logged on almost daily since then. I have carried 4 subbed accounts most of that time. If you goal is to eliminate players like me. Ok, I can handle that, I will not renew subscriptions, and you can take your quick payout and cashout. If you goal is to retain players like me. Looking long term this current meta is not viable. Please take a closer look at your plans and give us some consideration.


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