An Open Invite to Boulder (Climb) at Fanfest 💪 #FitFleet

All aboard the #FitFleet hype-train!

I’m organizing the 2nd visit to the Reykjavik climbing gym for a bouldering session on
Thursday Sept 21st at 1400-1700
Time may be subject to adjustment, so please DM me to stay updated

Discord: damassysostrich
X: @DamassysKadesh

Klifurhúsið → Google Maps

Rock-climbing can seem very intimidating, but bouldering at a gym is the easiest and simplest way to try it. It’s the ultimate sport for nerds. It has really changed my life in terms of fitness, and more. HIGHLY recommended :100: and EVERYONE WELCOME


Less than a week away :smiley: and I have promo handouts with which to mercilessly agro people in person :angry:

OP SUCCESS! :muscle:
See you again in 2025 :wink:

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