An unfair ban done by Peligos

My main toon is Vlad Bhesgakor, last week he was put on a 30 day ban for botting. Up until last week I had no idea what botting was, I’m a 50 yr old disabled truck driver that just enjoys the game, that is until now. I have tried every avenue I can think of to get a hold of someone in ccp to say hey wait a minute, you made a mistake. But, they have made it to where the people you need are unreachable. Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Judging by your zkill you do (and die to) a whole lot of PvE in different regions. Not sure how they could’ve thought your character was a bot.

@CCP_Peligro, was it a mistake?

You can send an Email to this account even if you cannot access your In game account.

Locked as discussions of this type is not helpful and causes many issues. CCP Will never discuss information regarding your account in public to protect your privacy.