And yes, we are announcing big content updates for Fanfest. It’s the largest one probably that we’ve ever done

See, I honestly don’t think the price tag is bad. In fact, I was kind of surprised how angry people got. I suspect that part of the problem is anchoring bias, and part of the problem is that there are a lot of unhappy players out there. So asking them to pay more when they’re unhappy isn’t going to go over well. But, I’m speculating. What I can say for certain, however, is that:

  • We’re living in a period of intense inflation.
  • CCP Lost Russia
  • Price increase for longer subs is relatively modest
  • As long as you play more than a couple of hours a month, Eve still offers an incredible value
  • I’ll gladly pay a little more if it means Eve doesn’t embrace P2W, P2E, and/or NFT’s.

You know, I could have sworn I heard that somewhere. Was it something that @Brisc_Rubal suggested (I know he wanted to get rid of attributes)? Regardless, I think the idea behind it was that you train unallocated SP, and then can apply it. But, my memory is fuzzy, and I haven’t even gotten that far into the day 2 stream yet. So, take all of that with a grain of salt.

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You mention inflation, inflation only seem to affect the small people, those who dont get a salary increase. Eveyrone bashes our head in with inflation and yet the only victims are the regular guys. So yes obviously people will be angry. Plus you mention that people were already angry at CCP.

Yes but that also means more money at once. We live in a time in which the regular people are poorer and poorer, i bet most people pay every month as this is the smallest amount you have to pay at once. Most people (at least in canada and the US) live from pay to pay and they chose to increase this one method by a huge 33%.

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Okay, I agree that things are messed up. But… what is CCP supposed to do, eat the loss? Keep prices the same and go out of business? I mean, if the prices of everything is going up, how do you blame one company for raising their prices? The dollar is worth less, and their expenses are going up too.

I dunno. Maybe you might want to point fingers of blame at greedy employers that refuse to pay their employees a living wage, or governments that don’t act in the best interests of the common man, and that don’t automatically raise the minimum wage every year to keep up with inflation.


Well that’s the downside of collective bargening and mininum wages, you don’t get to negociate your own wage contracts as easily and the paradox of democracy with outside influence from non-voter interest groups and career politicans.

Perhap create something of value and capitalise on it?

You cannot as easily socialise your way into profit, more socialise the losses.

Take back control of your money supply and peg it to something of intrinsic value. The coins you hold in your wallet should be of intrinsic value regardless of face value printed on it.

Your currency is pegged to debt and the fait decree value of the economy printing it.

Do better investing for yourself, should have never give up your gold, load up on sovereign coins from the mint.

Long story short, they are going to turn it into even more of a Korean grindfest MMO…


You know what CCP could’ve done? Reduce their price, thus trying to get more people to pay for an omega subscription, maybe more multiboxers and such.

Or maybe make their game better, they already have plenty more revenue methods than they used to (sp, skins, plex for isk etc…). Now they just look like a greedy company and they put a good part of their community against them, not something you want as a company.

Yes CCP should have ate the loss, the loss of the russian community is a temporary thing, the increase in price and angerment (is that a word?) of the rest of the community is not temporary.


At least there are fewer bots to put up with for the time being…

Think of an MMO as a holiday for gamers, not a second grind job. Who thinks of a holiday in ISK/hr? Perhaps rethink your definition of fun.


Temporary as in a few years, your government plans to keep this going for a few and you have yet to see decline of the economy, it’s yet to come, it lags but it’s coming. Eve will be the last thing on your shopping list. I have posted charts and stuff in other topics, good luck finding food on the shelves.

I predict (yes predict) a round of layoffs at CCP (and everywhere).


You have two options in a high inflation period or a period of stagflation. You shrink your product and keep the current prices (you probably see this on the products on the shelves now) or you raise prices. Either way, you get less for the same amount. Since you cannot shrink a digital product, you have to increase prices.

Inane statement. We are closer to nobody playing any games in favour of survival than ever before.
Either the Kensian New World Order defeats R and C and we pay CCP with their digital currency though our cattle chips or Eurasia reasserts sovereignty and we all get back to currency backed by tangibles.

Neither is a great option for pedlars of computer games.

But a digital product is not as hardly affected by inflation. Sure they have the electric bills that might be, and the milk in the employees coffee. Possibly the rent too. But nothing of their product itself is affected by inflation. Hence digital companies are at the front of things that should stay affordable, or even take this opportunity to decrease their price and get more new customers, because a new customer cost almost 0 for them and is a potential revenue.


Created and powered by people and devices, they don’t appear or run on thin air, even if the name includes the word “cloud”.

Wage slaves dont cost more than before, this is litteraly the problem here, and devices they already have so yeah…

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Can you give an example of a company you’ve created and run that absorbed inflation costs?

Any online company that didnt increase their price, which is most of them


Pretty sure cloud service providers are raising prices, rack hosters too.

Bet your internet price goes up.

And yet most subscriptions arent going up