Angel/Gurista LP Store Items and game mechanics

S-R trigger units, R-O Trigger units, G-0 Trigger units. Used to be available in FW stores. They are used in Pirate ships for construction. Min Mill gets CV- in their store, Gal Mill gets CT- in their store. Pirates get nothing in this manner. Also to build each of the trigger units please travel to 4 different corners of eve to collect the gas. I ran all over Minmatar low sec for 4 hours scanning for gas. Found one gas site. Lame. What is the point of the blueprints we get from incursions if we can’t use them? Every other race of ship is able to use regular materials for their ships. Pirates aren’t as lucky. I don’t have a full week of game time to look for gas. Risk vs reward is on the massive negative on this. Add the items to the store to be able to be bought with LP. Maybe then you will actually see quite a few pirate ships in space.

I ran all over Minmatar low sec for 4 hours scanning for gas. Found one gas site.

That’s pretty rough. You were checking low, right? High gas sites are gone in minutes

Totally checking low sec. I can’t go to high sec. Concord and the likes are discriminating against me for some odd reason. :slight_smile: Something to do with calling me a criminal every darn time i try to go there.

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Stop podding ppl and concord may like you again

I would consider it if they put the Trigger units in the LP store. Who am I kidding. I would still pod. :wink:

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Then don’t try to verticalize your whole supply chain. Buy the gas off huffers.

I have huffed probably half of the K Space sites and almost every kind of J-Space site which has put me in contact with subcap and cap builders alike. Those folks seek out and make private deals with huffers to buy in bulk (and therefore with a discount off the market rate). You can do the same.

Stability is necessary for trade.
It’s even better when you can reduce the market tax with contracts.

If you know the spawn mechanics, gas huffing can be a very stable endeavor resulting in billions worth of gas, it is just time consuming. There’s ways to reduce the time — in my experience, came down to „having friends in the region“.

That time required is not insignificant though, and why I suggested to OP to simply buy the gas off people, instead of attempt the whole „I’m gonna save ISK by doing everything myself“ mentality.

And you’re absolutely correct that the tax savings of avoiding the markets, doing personal contracts makes billion+ gas deals at competitive below market rates easy to stomach. In my experience, private deals can further avoid both compression losses — devaluing your harvest; or preserving your clients choice whether they want to compress their newfound goods — and you avoid the headache of having to haul the m3 to high sec in the first place — only for your client to turn around and jump freight it back to low/null. This should work for „small-time Indy gas buyers“ as well who want to make sub-billion ISK deals.

I’m actually agreeing with you.

Agreeing on a constant and foreseeable stream of material sold by someone who took the energy to set up the logistics is a net gain for both parties, compared to relying on the market prices and bot activity. This provides stability in prices and volume, as well as a decrease in both parties loss due to contract cost being lower than broker fees.

Sorry, thought my post was obvious - it was not.

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I understand all of the info put in. But look at the cost to ship effectiveness. 20 mill for a Thrasher FI hull. Build of Mamba/Mekubal roughly 160 mill. Show me a Mamba/Mekubal that can kill off 8 Thrasher FI. It can’t do half that. Basically not enough gas populated to really build the ships on any decent scale.

By that I mean. In Min Mill you can get easy 1 Mill LP a week. You can buy and build those ships with no issues. 10 Thrasher FI prints and build all of them at the same time. Mamba/Mekubal you can buy the same prints for the same amount of isk/lp. Good luck building those 10 in anywhere near that time frame. So where is the bennefit of being Angel/Gurista if most of its pilots can not build the ships they can get the prints for?

Yes they can get the Modules and sell them on market and prices will drop on them. But does nothing for “New ships introduced into game” as most can not get/find the materials to build them. I would be happy with more gas being put in game. Or change the mechanics to add the trigger units to Fleet and Navy issue ships as they are the “reward” for doing FW. And it would put them on equal footing for supply issues.

Need 4 types of gas. 1 was available in region. And Jita is a ($#$$#%) hole of a place to have to go to. The mechanics of what the new ships need to build are broken. Or we just don’t want many in the game. Either or.

lowest effort is buying the gas on a jita alt and having pushx or black frog deliver it to manufactory

Why stop there? This is true for the existing pirate ships, so your complaint extends to them too. A single Dramiel cannot kill X times as many Hookbills, an Astero cannot kill X times as many Imperial Navy Slicers, etc.

While logically consistent, this comparison is not a reasonable one: when you pay for performance for pirate ships, you’re not paying to be X times a faction frigate, you’re paying for 1 ship to bend a design rule uniquely in its favor (ex: adding drone damage+hp for Guristas, faster warp speed for Angels, stronger webs for serpentis, etc).

It’s pretty clear this is a fundamental game design choice.

I haven’t asked around but I am willing to bet people are bulk buying gas off private contracts so that it never hits market, and you’re unfit to compete with that. Rather than finding a supplier that lives in each of the 4 regions, you’re here reading this sentence.

To that, Dramiel gets it’s bonus, So do the Fleet and Navy issue ships. I would just like to see the new ships used in game. Keeping supply for the needed parts low makes for less use in game. Takes away from what you earn in LP if people can not use it.

And to your point on the Dram and Cynabal, before Incursions they were a much more rare item. Not earned as easily as they are now with a Pirate faction. One would not expect to see a large amount of them on the battlefield. But with the game progressing. And those prints becoming not so rare any more. More materials are needed to build these ships. We went from say 50 people getting prints to 500 people getting prints as and example of the growth. But the materials have not expanded to support that growth. That is my point. If players can not get the materials. Spend multiple hours to try and find the materials, and still come up empty. Something is wrong. There is not enough of it being spawned.

I know the ISK hungry people love it that way. That is great. But for people that want to build or use the ships, how long is that wait. Pirate faction. Gets prints can’t build. not enough resources. Empire factions. Gets prints. Every resource available. When enough people realize I can’t do anything with this stuff. The expansion then becomes a failure.

Please also remember the Trigger units were available in FW LP stores up until June. Fair to say. They are used for Pirate ships and should be in their stores.

Since when? The molecular condensers were added, but that’s only part of the trigger unit.

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