Angry Rock Killers Inc: Recruiting Open!

Angry Rock Killers are recruiting!

Doesnt matter what you do or how long youve done it, youre welcome in AHRK…

We hapily accept miners, couriers, fighters and manufacturer and we will take people from all timezones.

Based in High sec but with ties to Null sec space, were happy to help train you in whatever you want to do in Eve. If youre an older player we will value your expertise!

So… as long as you arent the kind of savage that puts milk in the cup before the coffee, you should join Angry Rock Killers!

(People who like pineapple on pizzas and vegans are accepted but are subject to extra screening… cuz thats just weird)

If your interested, please contact either myself, or Mavarick in game or by Evemail.

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