Announcement about candidate removal

We have decided to exercise our discretion to remove candidate Creecher Virpio from the ballot in accordance with our internal guidelines due to chat logs which surfaced recently and would have resulted in exclusion during the background check period.

Votes already cast will be transferred to secondary choices according to the design of the Single Transferable Vote system.


For a response by Creecher.




TAPI can take provi but can’t take Iceland. Classic.


But Xenuria is a fine candidate right?


A classier response would be to apologie and take ownership for the racist hazing, rather than blaming it on internet culture of 2(???) years ago.


so digging up durt on csm runners: FINE
Saying something bad 2 YEARS AGO: not fine.

are we really gonna allow this sort of campaigning in csm elections? With entities fishing and digging for dirt, to use at a later time. U see something like this you report then, not years later, what BS. What’s gonna stop this from even haping in the alliance tournament, save up damning evidenc, then report right during the tournant

We allow this now, we will see people saving up everything to use against the next csm election and its gonna be stupid an not help the game 1 bit.


I did read it as him taking responsibility for what he said. Mostly with the no defense bit.

I’ll admit I may be misreading it.


Welcome to the world of asking to be in a public spotlight, representing the masses.

This position should be about enhancing the player experience and if you have a history of undermining that idea I can imagine ccp doesn’t want you in the same room as them


That is probably so true, just most people wouldn’t care to report it >.<

Holding someone responsible for something said long ago, and long forgotten seems like a rather poor business practice, as the person in question might have matured in the past or you know… changed since that original thing in question happened.

By dredging up the dregs of someones past and holding them responsible for their words from years ago you aren’t giving them the common courtesy to learn from their mistakes when they make them, and instead choose to do so a few years down the line.


I propose you permaban him too because why not we love drama


Guess it’s time to start digging up things from all of the old podcasts that were recorded looking for dirt. What about old fan fest videos? There surely is some gold in those? I bet if the community tries hard enough we can get then entire candidate list voided this year.


That appears to be the precedent being set; I would have preferred voting to decide whom the community wishes to represent them.


can we by any chance get a list of things we are not allowed to say anymore when we are dealing whit anything eve related ?

will make weeding out posable csm members a lot easier and its good to know when to send logs to ccp of private chats

An even classier response would be to exit stage right, biomass his toons and take a refresher course of being a respectable human freakin being.

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Do you really need it? You just found one of them

well seeing that people seam to get offended about everything these days it would be more then helpful to have a list of things am no longer allowed to speak