Announcement about candidate removal

(Tiber Galient) #23

Sort Dragon is running, and he only has experiance with damage controls

(Pretty Funny) #24

were you ever allowed to speak like that?

just treat people the way you want them to treat you.

think of things you wouldnt say on live television and you will be safe. if you want to be edgy think of a netflix comedy special.

but talking like that is never acceptable.

(zluq zabaa) #25

You are allowed to say anything you want, but you have to take the consequences too. In EVE and in real life.

(Riffsajet) #26

No, because insults don’t have to be racist as your comment suggests, and in fact they’re much more funny and creative when they aren’t.

(HandSoLow) #28

CCP, I ask you to kindly allow Creecher Virpio back into the CSM candidacy.

My reason? Do you know what your current and previous CSM members have said that is a lot worse than what Creecher said? Do you condone what they said?

Hi Vince !
Hi Capri !
Hi Xenuiri !

(Vladimir Plaxinov) #29

Stupid decision.

(Lorelei Ierendi) #30

If I were to have voted for this candidate, only to have him disqualified later, I would feel robbed of my vote.
Maybe CCP should contact the people that voted for this candidate and allow them to vote again. Maybe their votes would come out completely differently if this candidate was not in the list.

But it is interesting to see what sorts of things result in exclusions. I only hope that noone here was present on my first day of school… then I’d never get on to the CSM because I said and did some things that I am ashamed of even to this day.
(Betting noone can prove it, because back then we did not have chat logs and I could not really write).

(Chance Ravinne) #31

If you think it’s not possible to insult someone without being racist or (I guess in your case) a casual homophone please biomass your character and don’t come back to EVE Online.

(Lorelei Ierendi) #32

Post quotes and chat logs. This could get interesting.

(Lorelei Ierendi) #33

Do we have any evidence that the chatlog he posted was really what he got removed for? Did CCP tell him?
(because that would be an interesting precedent in and of itself)

(zluq zabaa) #34

I grossly overreacted and said things that are indefensible. The
unfortunate truth is that casual racism and edginess are all too rampant
in our community. I’m not sure how it happened, but at some point
words that used to draw gasp are now commonplace in memes, conversation,
and discourse, and we have all as a community been desensitized to
them. This is a problem, I am not here to defend the things that I
said, and you all have my word that I will do my best conduct myself in a
manner becoming of someone that you could have been proud to represent

That’s part of what Creecher said on r/EVE in response to him being removed from candidacy.

He goes beyond acknowledging that what he did was wrong and I think he doesn’t deserve people ignoring that. Both the people who try to defend his earlier racist slurs and the ones trying to paint him as some obdurate lunatic are wrong. He owns up to his mistake which is rare in this world where most people would instead get all defensive. What he said back then was f*cked up, but he has my respect for showing backbone for admitting it. In that sense it is sad to not have him as a candidate any more, because that’s the kind of wood I wish everyone who represents the player community would be carved from.

He doesn’t question CCPs decision and neither should anyone else. If you have cases where other candidates did similar thing, just report them. I’m sure CCP took note of his reddit post and will find a way to keep the doors open to people who learn from their past mistakes and show the guts to be open about it.

When we log in to EVE, we let certain parts of the real world behind us for a while. Wherever you come from, whatever you do, whatever the color of your skin or your love: if we fly together, you’re my sis or my bro. Anyone who tries to divide the playerbase by introducing real life hatred doesn’t do this game a favor. We’re all equal here by being menaces while in space. You can hate others for avoiding PVP, for dropping Supers on you all the time, for outsmarting you or catching you with your pants down: all of that is part of what keeps this game going. Don’t introduce real life hate, don’t do real life threats, period. It’s as important as it is simple.
So unless you want to turn our precious angergames in space into a real life sh*tshow where sooner or later actions will follow words, be a dude and let out any anger you might have in you where it belongs: a proper roam, a hotdrop or a nice oldschool brawl.


(ISD Norros) #35

Removed a couple of posts that violated the Community Rules.

(Pluisje) #36

I kinda hope the ppll that had him on the list get to redo their voting, else it might seem riged by ccp to get a person they like more in that seat.
But glad CCP takes actions against those ppl, hope the other csm members that made offensive remarks are dealed with the same way.

(Dran Arcana) #37

It’s almost like next year I feel like we’ll have to just have 10 TEST candidates, and then vote in a specific order so that if the top 3-4 get knocked off the list for things they said years ago we don’t get blindsided out of a candidate.

(Pluisje) #38

yep its kinda strange you guys that voted for him dont get to revote. Feels like some other politics are at play by ccp.
Besides in game ccp allows much more nasty play.

(raknor bile) #39

The guy who linked this on his CSM post didnt first find it, and to be clear being racist disbars you for life so it doesnt matter how long ago it happened and who posted what.

(raknor bile) #40

Long ago to me is 10 years ago not 2 years.

(Pluisje) #41

well long ago is different for many ppl. But if i look at the US, the president doesnt want mexicans. Doesnt mean they’ll all bad. Alot off ppl in eve refer to jew/jewing to make money, i kinda find that offensive, but ccp doesnt do anthing about that.

now they remove a person from CSM election without the ability to revote… That just feel like the forcing a certain persond in the seat

(Tiber Galient) #42

yeah the person found it now, a 7 month old post, of a thing from 2 years ago and they “found” it now, yeahhhhhhhh.

sidenote, how is beig dark skin toned another race? I always saw that as a dehumanizing thing.

also the punishment should fit with the offence, condeming him for twice saying a no no word is just stupid. let the person who never used an offensive word throw the first stone

(Steve Ronuken) #43

Bear in mind that you already could specify your preference with the voting system. Considering most ballots are expended within 2 or 3 people (many on 1), this is a minor change. Assuming you put multiple people on your ballot.