Announcement: Ametat and Avetat Expedition to Gamdis III Underway

Only a heathen of no Faith would ask that question.

Mr. Nauplius, while I was on Dam Torsad I visited a bazaar where all sorts of “holy relics” were for sale to pilgrims, all very hush-hush, “just for you, as a very special customer.” A Holder I was with at the time remarked with amusement on the quality of the fakes-- which is what most and probably all of those relics were.

An uncritical presumption that what can be presented as a holy relic without the seller’s head falling off or something must therefore be a holy relic is what the trade in fake holy relics probably runs on. Your god doesn’t seem to deal in such miracles as finger-duplication quite every day, so, maybe you might consider counting fingers?


I have 509 of Saint Tetrimon’s fingers with more on the way.

I do not make this count known to my slaves; nor do I encourage them to attempt such enumerations on their own.

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There are so many finger bones of Saint Tetrimon, because he was literally the Divine Hand of God.

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In all fairness, he had 2 hands…

There is no end to the treachery of SFRIM.

Having already exterminated one competitor, the Aslan expedition, by means of an induced cave-in, the forces of SFRIM have declared war upon me, in order that they might eliminate their last remaining rival for control of the Ametat and Avetat with which they will spread liberalism and abolitionism throughout the Empire.

I call all loyal Amarrians everywhere to my aid.

I’m going to try very hard for top damage on your little playhouse just so you finally notice that the rest of the alliance hates you too.


Once again, LUMEN has made no demands; they have just declared war. The implication is clear — it is not my own dig they find objectionable except that it exists at all; they want the Ametat and Avetat for themselves that they might spread liberalism and abolitionism throughout the Empire.

Demand? Sure. Remove that structure and cease throwing away the lives of illegally held slaves on a wild furrier chase. I guess you weren’t listening very well on ‘The Summit’


He wasn’t listening, of course.

But that’s why we’re removing the structure ourselves.



That sounds like some sort of elaborate Gallente torture method. First they cut off your fingers, then put your hand into cloning vat to let you form and grow new fingers, just to cut them off again.

The evil forces of LUMEN have struck again, this time against the Armor of the Ametat Archaeology HQ. Most heartbreaking was the participation of Aria Jenneth in this foul crime.

Even without Armor, the digging will continue to the last. The Ametat and Avetat cannot be allowed to serve liberalism and abolitionism.

Mr. Nauplius … have you noticed that you’re not racing with anybody?

The question’s not between you claiming some kind of prize or us claiming it. We weren’t trying to reach anything there to begin with. No one else is down there. It’s just your unfortunate laborers and their equipment.

That’s what this is about, Mr. Nauplius. You’re digging in a sea of unstable, shifting sand that’s already claimed a bunch of lives. You’re going to get those people killed.


Do you honestly think he cares about anyone’s life but his own?

No, that’s why we didn’t really ask.

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Besides all of this, I was under the impression that the Ametat, and possibly the Avetat as well, had already been found.

By King Khanid no less.

That’s not funny.

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Well, That’s where you’re wrong, missy.


More :popcorn:

I do care about them, and their sacrifices will be long remembered — literally written into Scripture, really — once the Ametat and Avetat are gained and a new age for the Empire begins.