Announcement of Project Solace

I am able to tour the facility in Ms. Ramijozana’s stead. Please contact me directly if this is acceptable.

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I have you slated down. I will be sending you a message soon. Sorry for the delay.

Out of curiosity, I wonder if the press would be welcome to a tour?

I Fear that would be incredibly dangerous.

Triglavians are not stupid. We know they know of our project. Beyond the location, I do not believe it is important to broadcast exactly how we are going to combat them. We are in the final planning stages with a few independents at this time and a tour time should be announced soon.

What’s fun about it if it’s not?

With the Triglavians having largely left Derelik alone, is it still necessary or helpful to your cause to have your structure anchored at Tanoo II?


That’s a good point! I for one certainly think Project Solace could have a lot more of an impact were it to move its operations literally anywhere else.


You know he’s going to say that it’s because of their presence that the Trigangles haven’t come back, right? I mean, I don’t know nor care who’s right but surely you must know that’s what their argument will be…


Well, then they did a super special awesome job and should move on to the next region.


Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch
Security Contract Services

This is a public notice released at the request of the facility operator: a contractual agreement has been accepted by the Enforcement Directive’s security subsidiary, Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch. This contract will cover basic structural operational security for the duration of the facility tour, with an availability clause of extension.

Security concerns are to be forwarded to Commander Shiran Mazaki and his staff. We will be unable to answer public relation related queries at this time.

- Oniseki-Raata Contractual Services Department -


I am pleased to announce, with Mr. Mazaki that 3rd Party Internal security has been set for Project Solace.
All security related issues will now be settled by the Internal Watch, in close communication with Project Solace management.

In other news, a tentative date for this Tuesday for the first tour of Project solace is being planned. A party of Lord Adjutant Reginald Sakikibara and Lady Shalee Lianna Cerra with a third awaiting completion of negotiations.

Thank you.


The Tentative date for the Tour did not come, however a new time has been settled that is now set in stone. Saturday the 16th, around 0100 the Tour will begin. It is expected to last for about 3 hours, with a break and meals provided.

A schedule is in the works and is not ready to be released. Project Solace team members are preparing for the arrival of the members of the tour and are ready to showcase the important research they are working on.

Thank you


I am happy to report that the tour went without issue! I look forward to the reviews of those who took part. Thank you all for the chance to show you what we are working on, and why it is important that we form together to fight back the Triglavian attacks.

Thank you

I thank our hostess for taking the time out of her no doubt busy schedule to show me, and some others, the facility.

I regret to say that, after a detailed review of our notes, LUMEN’s position is unchanged as to the viability and appropriateness of the project and, therefore, LUMEN cannot support this project as presently structured and organized.

There is further, a concern, that at least one project element has attracted the attention of the Triglavians to this portion of the Mandate again.

Consequentially, it is again respectfully suggested that the project be moved, perhaps to less populated Null or low security space where the Triglavians have been making significant appearances and escalating their forces.


Shorai Aikyoraan Ramijozana was unable to tour the facility, and no other associates of Corovid Industries were invited to attend.

However, we highly value the opinions of Lunarisse Daphiti and her peers in LUMEN. Therefore, Corovid Industries supports LUMEN’s call for Project Solace to be moved elsewhere.

For those unfamiliar with the area, the Project Solace Fortizar is not only anchored over Tanoo II, but is a mere 11,000 KM away from the Tebu Amkhiman, where Corovid rents office space.

We encourage everyone, but especially allies of Corovid Industries and/or Viavant, to likewise support this call and refrain from doing business with Project Solace and its associated capsuleers.

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House Cerra thanks Doctor Carregan for making the facility open and for hosting the delegation of auditors and researchers to Project Solace.

Given the nature of the Triglavian threat, especially with the introduction of a new dreadnought-class vessel against those who are committed to defending New Eden, my liege lady, Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra, agrees that further research is of the utmost importance.

However, my liege lady reserves the right to wait to make a final determination on Project Solace until the rest of the facility is opened for examination, as not all floors were made available for public view. She thus looks forward to the next opportunity to review the facility.

Lord Reginald Sakakibara,
Lord Adjutant, Cerra Holding, Huola VII


Dr. Carregan.

I thank House Cerra and Lord Adjutant Sakakibara for there presence at the Tour. Many good questions were asked, and we have been able to approach our projects in a different view and make further progress. I look forward to a second tour of the remainder of Project Solace.

However, I cannot stay so polite for Directrix Aspenstar and LUMEN. LUMEN was approached before the birth of Project Solace, given the opportunity to guide the research in any way they felt was necessary. They were asked to help in creating Project Solace to fight back against increasingly hostile and dangerous threats by Triglavian Invaders.

Now here we are. They are welcomed to come aboard and tour to see what work we have created. All they have to say is that it is not enough for them. They criticize us for our approach, when they themselves were given the opportunity to help in that endeavor. Even during the tour, when asked for advise they declined to give any.

We have had set backs. We have made mistakes. But we learn from them. And we use this knowledge to continue the goal of stopping the Triglavians from coming after what is so important to us as citizens of New Eden.

We are small. We are underfunded, and we cannot continue at our best. But continue we shall for we are young, scrappy and hungry for the cure to stopping the destruction of New Eden. Project Solace will not be moved.

In related news, I am happy to announce a successful internal test of a powerful new device within our Biosphere. Tests will be ramping up to larger samples in the coming weeks.

Thank you.

Dr. Carregan,

A short urgent update. Early this morning there had been a incident on Project Solace that has required the closing of Project Solace station for a short amount of time.

While the incident is in the process of investigation and clean up I ask for patience and understanding for those with assets and clones onboard Project Solace. You should have your belongings returned to you very soon. More updates to follow as they are discovered.

Thank you.

I’m surprised.

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Speaks with a neutral tone with little stutter.

“I hope you know that the Triglavians are more than what you think. I’ve studied them like I’ve studied the Jove, the Drifters, and the Other. They are more scientifically advanced than us in horrific ways that may result in ‘extirpation,’ and they have tricks up their sleeves. Their society is built on the extreme version of survival of the fittest approach with a big helping of the self-righteous ‘our way or death approach.’ They view the world like a more scientific Amarrian reclaiming to a world of biological sinners. Who are the sinners? The Sansha. The Other. The Drifters, and whomever else sides or aligns with them. The Triglavians are a worthy ally because the Sansha, Other, and Drifters ignore and defile the law of one body, one mind.”