Announcing the Vo'shun Archive!

Capsuleers and denizens of New Eden

I am pleased to announce the opening of a public archive that no one in particular has asked for, located at a place hardly anyone would want to travel to, and about stories and events that are of interest to few.

But such is the burden of an Archivist.

You can find the virtual version of our archive at:

Our first exhibit will focus on events during the period YC105 to YC108, very early times to most active capsuleers.

First up are:

Wherein the Faith of the Liberated

A fictional work based on true EVE history, about outcasts, ronins, and the paratwas.

The Virus Incident

A multi-days play created and organized by capsuleers about a terrorist act committed by a radical Matari sect.

More exhibits and works will be made available soon, come visit us!

The Vo’shun Archivist


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