Life after Lirsautton Six - A follow up

I’ve been meaning to post here for a while regarding this topic, which has regrettably been pushed back due to personal and professional circumstances. But, without further ado or excuses, I shall cut to the chase.

It has now been approximately one week since the last of the exiles from Lirsautton Six were transported to Ensinate of Central Garoun on Gallentia and were placed into enhanced quarantine measures. This story has taken my interest, as it bore stark similarities to historical events as well as to see how the Federation would respond to the crisis.

I would humbly request that either @Arturio_Kiervalani, @Ret_Gloriaxx or a representative from the Ensinate of Central Garoun provide us with further information on the status of the exiles as they complete their quarantine period and begin their integration period.


Not gonna happen. It’s the media. If it bleeds, it leads, but if it don’t… it didn’t happen.

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Hey, you never know. We might be fortunate enough to be blessed with a response. It would make for some heartening news in the midst of all the dismal affairs as of late.


Surprised they haven’t simply to suppress those other events honestly.

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It would also be appropriate for the Sang Do Council to clarify whether it intends to continue to use Lirsautton VI as a penal colony and, if so, whether steps will be taken to make the environment safe®.


As far as I am aware, at the moment there is nothing legally preventing them from doing so. Although that might change if the exiles decide to exercise their right to use legal recourse in their new district court which isn’t dominated by those sympathetic to the Sang Do Council.


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