Anomalies for New Players

I’ve planning on poking a few anomalies with the Magnate and I was wondering if I was going to be safe. I’m bringing the data and relic analyzer and an afterburner, so I have nothing left for tanking. I don’t have the Tormentor’s 3 turrets, so I’m a bit nervous that I’m going to need my drones to do the heavy lifting. Are certain anomalies have more dangerous NPCs than others? I mean wormholes have the obvious danger of PVP, but even when dealing with rats, I don’t want to lose my ship.

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OK, firstly - get stuck in. A good haul will more than pay for the ship - just if anything makes you nervous: run. If you don’t get your haul to market then it’s not worth anything.

Wormholes: go and find a nice quiet system away from the trade hubs and routes, then go into a wormhole there. It’s likely to be quieter than one with an entrance in a populous place.

A few useful references:

Note: there are safe hacking anomalies in C1 and C2 wormholes.

Get used to the hacking mini-game in a few quiet hi-sec systems then go for a wander. Don’t forget to take a probe launcher with you. Don’t forget to bookmark a route home. Don’t forget to recover your probes.


When it says “not safe” does it mean there could be PVP, or does it mean PVP or rats? I can handle rats as long as 2 drones and a lone small turret can take care of them. But even in high sec, there were some rats at some sites too strong for me.

Ok I read it closer, it seems “not safe” means possible damage, but my Magnate is capable of handling some fighting, just not much more than the drones can handle.

Given the low cost of the frigate you should not feel concerned about losing it e.g. trial and error to see what works for you and what doesn’t. The rewards in High Sec are rubbish compared to trying your luck in a “safe” site in a wormhole or even low sec. Of course there’s always a risk from other players scanning you down or catching you in travel. Just have some fun and experiment and from the successful runs you should make enough to pay for any losses. Have fun!

Safe ones have no NPCs. You won’t be able to do the Sleeper sites in a Magnate, but you can do the Covert ones if you limit your time to just 1 hack - so use a cargo scanner to quickly target the one with the most valuable loot. The drones one whilst it has NPCs are weak and can be done in a frigate or warped from.


Safe / Not Safe refers to the threat from NPCs.
The threat from other players is always there, especially outside of hi-sec (and in hi-sec).

The kind of NPC you will face in the “Not Safe” anomalies will tear through your Magnate like it was a wet paper bag containing all your wishes and hopes.


Eh, everyone has to start somewhere right? And when I go to low sec, it’d be better if I wasn’t fiddling with the probe UI doing “is this how it works again?”


Yes that makes sense. Good luck.

Wait I just realized something. According to that chart, Data and Relic sites found in High Sec, Low Sec, or even Null Sec are “safe.” So does that mean if I find a rat, the Data and Relic Analyzers were the wrong thing to bring?

I’d bring along heavy weaponry on an exploration trip myself, which means a cruiser. Stratios?

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Make sure the name is one of those listed as “safe” not all Relic or Data sites in high-sec are safe. For example a Lesser Sansha Covert Research Facility will have NPCs and will make short work of an un-prepared capsuleer.

If the NPCs have a diamond infront of their name that’s a different thing - I’ve not seen them in safe sites, but it isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility. Whether they attack will depend on your standing to that pirate faction: if you’ve run a few missions locally, they may be hostile. “Diamond Rats” can be a real problem - they web and tackle like capsuleers and apply a lot of damage and disruption.

I suggest you read the EVE University Wiki article on Relic and Data Sites if you have yet to do this. The Safe ones don’t have rats as far as I can remember - but note the other types I called out. A scanning frigate with trained scanning skills and appropriate scanning modules and rigs is all you need for the safe ones.

The skills are important for the “harder” hacking sites as the number of nodes and bad nodes is higher so you will find it can be difficult to complete before your strength runs out.

In terms of other players, you should keep your direction scanning going so you can see who is in range and if anyone is scanning in the system. It’s always possible that another player might be cloaked up, say in a wormhole, so without any local you won’t know they are there. They may have already bookmarked the site so could warp to it if they see you are in there on their scan. However I would say in all my time spent running sites I have rarely been caught or even been close. Just stay alert, remember to watch local / dscan whilst hacking. Don’t let the risk put you off as I said before as the ship value vs reward is good.

You might want a warp stabiliser to break a warp scram if you get caught whilst travelling or whilst in the site however it will have drawbacks to target range etc. You will want a prop mod to travel quickly from the warp in point to the hacking cans, but sometimes a microwarp drive can be almost too fast resulting in a bounce off the cans or overshot so I sometimes use an afterburner to have closer speed control. Just see what works for you.

A good option if you want to progress is an Astero as it can cloak in warp (so has some travel safety) , has some high bonuses to scan and virus strength and you can cloak in the site if someone comes onto scan range and you are concerned.

When hacking keep aligned so you can warp out to a known destination rather than fumbling around in a panic. I always have a safe spot bookmark or at least a pre-aligned celestial i know I am warping to if I need to get out.

Hope this is useful, if you have any more questions just shout!

Nice ship! Just go big or go home, eh?

Although I rather bring something cheap like a Destroyer, it hurts less when it blown up. I like the Catalyst, plenty of high and mid slots, I think it’s good for exploration.

Does anyone have other suggestions? I’d like to know what ship is perfect for exploration.

Thank you.

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Problem is those don’t get any bonus to probe strength and I need every bit I can get since I suck at it

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I suck too, at everything EVE so far. I barely completed that last advanced military mission without blowing up. My shied was gone and my armor too and my hull was halfway trashed.
I’m never going to be any good for any fleet. That’s why I thought starting with Exploration until I have enough skill to make a difference for the ships and guns or I’ll be fish food before long.

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I would like to but I’m realizing that it won’t be possible, unless I want to lose it on the first day of flying it and end up grinding endlessly to by another one. Nope, too expensive.

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The most fun ships in Eve are frigates, there are good examples for most professions - both T1 and the T2 variants . They are cheap enough to be something you can quickly fly without worrying about a nine-digit price tag. I’m an older player - yes, I can fly (and sometimes do fly) billion ISK ships - but most of the time you’ll find me in Small or Medium hulls.
Stuff I can fly without worrying about the cost of a loss.

The article linked above is fine but doesn’t include the T1 frigates designed for exploration: the Magnate, Heron, Imicus and Probe - each affordable and very capable - train up the relevant skills and they’ll serve you extremely well.

@Kellie_McCalamitie - you got out of the mission intact having completed the objectives. That’s a win, especially for a newer player. If you want a cheap way to repair, go and sit at zero on a citadel and let the tether repair and recharge you.
A lot of Eve is learning the mechanics of how to live and operate in New Eden - and that takes a while. It’s like learning the mechanics of driving a car before going racing: and when racing you will always be learning the details of your chosen hobby.

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Thanks for the tip! I had no idea that was even possible.

if the citadel doesn’t have a core though, you won’t tether or repair… so keep a mental note of the ones you encounter that can or cannot repair you…

my area of space used to have several, now there are zero citadels in my space… 1, one jump over one direction and i think 2, one jump in the other direction… and of those two, only one can repair/tether.

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