Unknown wormhole beacons should have a warning

Unknown wormhole beacons should have a warpin message similar to combat anomalies basically warning you that they can have NPCS that are stronger than any other NPC in highsec. By an enormous margin.

Are the typical lore warpin messages actually useful for preventing people from shooting drifters?

I was under the impression that these popups were generally viewed as annoyances by the playerbase, not primary educational material for the „don’t shoot drifters“ lesson. The actual learning that happens is from:

  • engaging in the lore and knowing how strong Drifters are
  • talking to other people about these holes
  • Google searches
  • forum search (several topics here about unidentified wormhole NPCs)
  • observing the NPCs while cloaked (you are cloaked, right?)
  • generally not having a „guns blazing“ attitude towards NPC in the game (this is a different general lesson to be learnt)

How would adding an annoying lore popup for every player upon every warpin help prevent someone pressing F1 on a drifter?

It sucks to learn the hard way, but that’s kind of the point of the gameplay loop in Eve: Do research, plan, prepare, execute, fail, learn, repeat.


They are sort of an annoyance. It’s also sort of a warning that there will be npcs incase you misclicked. The drifters engage you whether you shoot them or not. I lost a 2 billion dollar battleship exploring an unknown wormhole in high security. I didn’t go through I just went near the wormhole and they opened fire. My battleship was defenseless.

Yep, that is how they work. (See the “you are cloaked, right?” above).

Sorry you had to find out the expensive and hard way, hope you can learn 2B worth of lessons in your soft skills. Every loss is an opportunity to convert ISK to knowledge.

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It’s the stupidest game mechanic of any game. High security, where every rat is easy to kill except for these. And there’s no warning on the harder rats but there is a warning on the easy rats? What’s the thought process there?

That’s not quite true. I can think of:

  • Diamond response rats
  • Diamond pirate rats
  • Trig fleet NPCs
  • Trig Wormhole NPCs
  • The roaming Autothysian Lancers
  • Customs Agents
  • Faction Navy
  • Faction Police

Look I know you’re frustrated, but if every time you die in Eve Online and the lesson you take away is “the game mechanic I died to is stupid”, you’re not going to last long. There’s a lot of “potentially dumb mechanics” in Eve Online because it’s 20 years of very niche undocumented knowledge. Somehow you are going to have to learn it. It sucks you lost a ship this way, but you’re never going to lose it that way again, and there’s opportunities for multiple lessons to be learnt here that can improve your capabilities as a capsuleer for any activity.

High sec is not less dangerous. It just has more laws for others to break.

A popup (suggested in your OP) won’t suffice as a substitute.

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If there was a popup saying that hostile drifters could pop up out of the wormhole I would’ve taken my death without argument. Triglavian NPC’s get their own SYSTEM warning. Concord is… the police and it’s bannable to avoid them. Again navy and police are only hostile if you shoot people or have bad standing with them, if you have terrible standing with them you should know what you’re doing.

And the rest of the list…?

Sorry there wasn’t a popup. So it sounds like you’re going to have to come to terms with that.

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I don’t know what those 2 are.

They get their own system message, assuming you have not clicked don’t remind me again.

Those don’t shoot unless shot at.

Again I don’t know what those are.

Regarding police and factions navy, you have to have known what you’re doing. It’s obvious that if you shoot innocent players you will be shot at in high security.
I understand that I have to come to terms with my huge loss. I’m suggesting/wondering why there isn’t a popup like almost every other high sec npc.

Get familiar with the other rats in game then.


Stupid response alert! Or just add a warpin message like the other easier NPC’s have.

You said you didnt know what diamond rats are. I replied you should learn them. They are just as dangerous as the trigs but have zero warning.

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If they attack without being provoked than they deserve a popup message too.

I disagree. But thats ok. We dont have to agree about how dangerous eve should and needs to be. As a 20 yr old game, a lot of info is out on the interwebz.


Customs Agents at gates don’t shoot but they will do other things… this old thread should help with that.

As for the OP, yeah, CCP should be more consistent with game programming. About the only thing they’re actually consistent with is Can’t Code Properly… :wink:

You encountered the popups during training with Career Agents, they signal that NPCs are much everywhere. Afrer a few popups one can guess that a Wormhole will be dangerous and space around it as well, where other players and NPCs can engage you.
Also, security rating of a system doesn’t mean much except for CONCORD response time. All space is dangerous in EVE.

what i read in your post, OP, is “i ■■■■■■ hup, i lost 2Bs and i need to find a place to complain that it is the fault of game mechanism, because i am bitter”
Stop whining, pay attention, google things that you don’t know, before warping to them, like ghosts sites etc
instead of calling game mechanisms stupid and asking for more hold-handing things.

well looking at your fit I wouldn’t hold my breath for CCP to change this. You had basically no tank and four damage mods. This is a ship min/maxed for PvE grinding when you know precisely what threats you are going after. That was not a ship you should have been poking into unfamiliar territory with.

CCP has expressly stated that they want to get rid of known quantities in this game, they want things to be new and challenging, something you can’t easily and predictably min/max every time.

The warning is when you get blown up.

Happens to the best of us, even veterans.

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It was my incursion boat. Not meant to fly solo but can EASILY tank any other high sec rat (excluding police/trigs) which both of those have warnings