New High Sec Anomalies NPC Warp Scrambling notifications

Recently I’ve lost my Jackdaw during first-time encounter with the new green Youil combat sites. because ofNPC
I was quite frustrated, so here are some thoughts I’ve came with in the end. Any opinions will be welcomed.

Sites(ONLY in high sec) should notify players for possible warp disruption NPCs.
a) New players mostly operate in highsec and are not aware of the danger their relative safe zone can provide. This can be really annoying, because the sites are so easy to enter.
b) The players unaware of the recent patches(like me in this case) may not possess experience about the possible warp disruption in OPEN high sec sites.

I may be wrong about the topics, but it was quite surprising for me to die this way in high sec. Maybe I deserved this for not too caring much, lmao.


Don’t warp ships you can’t allow to lose into unknown.

Then be aware. You have patch notes linked in launcher. You don’t even need to use google. Just pay attention to launcher after each DT and you will get most of important stuff.

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It’s not an simple anomaly and not an open site. It’s a gated site, you made a decision to activate the gate into the unknown. So it can’t happen by accident. Loss and the experience from that is part of the game. Many of us lose ships when trying new things out, this is intended, and CCP doesn’t put sites on the test server because of that.

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Yeah, you are quite right on this one. But still, high sec in my opinion is a safe heaven where warp disruption shouldn’t be allowed. because it is strange how CONCORD doesn’t react to that, while capsuleer’s warp disruption instantly triggers a wave. Don’t you think so?

I agree with you, bit remember when trig instapopped ppl in HS without any warning just because there was a certain WH in system they could not known by any way it was there?. it happened before similar stuff can happen again, not the exactly case here but who knows

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