Hold npc event near highsec gank site

npc event in same systems where most highsec ganks occur, a pirate faction trying to get in on the action or something

This sounds more like a “please bring a bunch of gank targets to me” than anything remotely resembling a good idea.

NPCs, especially in High Sec, shouldn’t engage players without some action taken on the part of the player. This is a pretty universal rule. The closest the game gets to breaking this is with Sansha Incursion rats on a gate, and those still start fairly far off, only work this way in Low and Null, and you can tell where these systems are from anywhere in Eve. Everywhere else NPCs require some kind of player action in order to engage, even Drifter Battleships.

Having NPCs ganking pilots is thus a pretty poor idea, as is having anything like this happening in a choke point system like Uedama or Niarja.

Isn’t that a tad inaccurate? I can sit in a belt, doing nothing, and eventually rats shred my ship to peaces, without me doing anything.

You had to warp to the belt. That would be your action

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You warped to the belt, just like warping to a site consitutets player action or popping a Sleeper Site to spawn a Sleeper Battleship counts as player action when someone shows up in that wormhole and dies three days later.

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i didn’t consider that as relevant action. thanks!

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