Warp Disrupted by NPCs outside a station in 0.9

I hit undock from a station in 0.9 and looked away for a moment. When I looked back, there were half a dozen NPCs on me with 2 warp disruption effects and my kill log says I was killed by Tormentors from Joint harvesting.

This has never happened before. Is there something new? warp disruption in 0.9 at the undock? Seems a bit much.

What makes it seem even worse is that I have 6.7 reputation with join harvesting = /


Last night attacked by Joint Harvesting in 0.8 for no reason. Didn’t stand a chance left with a capsule. Each time I warped into asteroid belt I was surrounded within a few seconds. Lost another ship. My shuttle is the only thing fast enough to get out of the way. Don’t fancy playing EVE with only a shuttle?


You can always transport billions worth of BPOs in a shuttle so you can still fulfill an important role in the food chain… I mean important role in the production chain. :wink:


Think you might need to submit a bug report.

But first;
We’re they FOB NPC’s? not that it should make a difference if you’re reading your standings correctly. But you just never know what will happen when CCP coding comes into play…

I would bug report it though.
I would suggest asking for reimbursement too but you have no killboard history on this character so not sure it would be worth it.

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Has this happened again to anyone?

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Lost ship again in different region (NPC Joint Harvesting) didn’t provoke them. Sent in bug report last week, but reply directed me to contact support. No answer from support. I can only presume that NPC mining attack any ship at will. Clearly mining is no longer an option unless you are in a large group. CCP can you provide information about new content?

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bug report = they try to fix it in the next server patch, and won’t reply to you after you submit the bug report.

support ticket = they try to help you find a work-around for the issue, maybe even give you a reimbursement for stuff you lost, if it’s because of a bug that was out of your control

support tickets for non-emergency stuff (online harassment, account payment issues, etc) may take 1-2 weeks for a response, but they usually resolve the issue intelligently (i.e. a person takes a look at what you wrote, rather than some automated reply script).

So just have patience.

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Wow, even with positive standings towards the Corp, their NPC’s attack players on undock in High Sec space?

Man, talk about killing off player interest. That is definitely disconcerting news for sure.

Simply rename these NPC corps to “CODEx” and add the option to purchase a mining permit from their agents floating in space in catalysts, for a trivial price of 35 PLEX per month to be ignored by the NPC fleets unless the player actually attacks them or their miners. :grin:

Decided to engage Joint Harvesting frigates and cruisers with raven. I engaged several ships with different missiles and drones, but could never get past armour. Decided to focus on executioner as it was stopping possible exit. My skills are trained quite high and my ship setup isn’t bad, but I couldn’t destroy or get close to killing one frigate. If the NPC is set up that you cannot possibly survive or escape then what is the point in the game? Uriel the Flame, do you have a few more details about how to get mining permits?

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Of course, you contract me the PLEX in private contract or transfer the equivalent in ISK and you should receive the permit in about an hour after accepting the contract or receiving the ISK. In that regard ISK is the faster transaction. :wink:


If such a thing existed for NPC corps you would not buy them from a player character like Uriel the Flame, the could be bought in NPC stations.

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I assumed he was joking just as I did as the very post he replied to was a joke feature suggestion in the first place, both cases a proper emote at the end indicates the nature of the post as well.

Your reply made me wonder if he was actually serious with that question instead though still doesn’t seem likely considering the circumstances but who knows for sure. :thinking:

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And so you hit on a huge problem with forums and other forms of communication where you cannot see the person you are communicating with.

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Yeah, tried to attack a bunch of 5 NPC Kestrels hovering 70 km from a highsec gate, but they didn’t even get scratched by my blasters while they killed my shield with one volley. So I chickened out quicker than I flew in there :wink:
The part I learned best about PvP and PvE yet is how to gtf out there :slight_smile:

But the belt rats in Highsec never caused any problem yet.

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Received reply from CCP which took a while. If your standings with that NPC is -5.0 or lower they can attack you at will. Joint Harvesting are Amarr and as I have -5.67 standing with them, I am free game.
Patch 2018
The impression I am getting is that CCP want to involve people more in the game who are in high sec.


How did you such negative standings with them? Its nice to know they won’t be killing me with positive standings anymore.

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I guess it must be from running missions in a particular area.

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