"Do Not Show Again" checkbox option for Lore Info Popups

Can we get a “Do not show this again” checkbox option for the lore popups that appear whenever you warp to a scanned site (gas sites, relic/data sites, combat sites, etc.) and certain drone anomalies. There is no point in seeing these after the first time.

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The messages can be useful though.

For example the type of message will tell you when you initiate warp whether a Guristas haven is a ‘rock haven’ or ‘gas haven’ variant, which means you know which enemies to expect even before you arrive out of warp. Good info for ratters and hunters alike.

I think the point is for each player to at least have the popup choice for themselves per site. I see your post as compatible with OPs proposal.

I like it so +1 from me…

It’s actually a very good idea, definitely be a QoL improvement for the game, allowing players to choose the option they prefer…

Then ratters and hunters alike can choose to not check the box for that one.

Fair enough.

It was just an example of why seeing the messages can have a point, aside from flavour.

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It took CCP what? 18 years to give us a log off to character selection screen button?

See you 18 years later OP. :joy:

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