Noob trap in Enforcer Career Mission - Cash Flow for Capsuleers 8

At least the caldari version of this mission pops up a warning about “you are about to commit illegal act” or something like that when you try to shoot the Hotel Kim and this window has a checkbox doesn’t show again. I didn’t test that, but I suspect that one can check easily check this and then the next time he tries to shoot gate or station in highsec by mistake, this popup will no loner show and he get destroyed immediately.

Mistakes are expensive. Try not make any.

Is that supposed to be an argument why to keep traps like that in game or just stupid comment for the lulz?

How many different mistakes should CCP plan for in their design of the game?
Are the devs babysitters and nannies who need to take every new player as a special case and cover all the possible avenues by which mistakes may come?
When is a pop-up warning enough? Can’t the devs assume that players have a working brain and pay attention or should they assume the players are morons?

Seems like you either didn’t understand what the issue is about or you are not capable of logical thinking.

So I will try it one more time.

At the very beginning of a game, players are told to shoot an NPC structure by Aura and mission objective. This structure pops up a warning that doing that is illegal and can bring consequences - but it really isn’t and it doesn’t. Now, a brand new player can easily choose to checkmark the “Do not warn again” checkbox, because again - game is telling him to do it, so it should be fine. Which if he does then won’t pops up this warning window in future when he misclicks and attempts to shoot station, gate or some other empire object that gets him concorded immediately.

And I didn’t find any way to reset this once you check it.

Do you really believe this is healthy design? If you do, then again. You bittervets have totally lost touch with reality.

A player should not be able to do this unless they have set their safety to red.

So CCP is supposed to design their game for every time a player may do something stupid. Gotcha
There are plenty of ways to make mistakes in this game and according to you the devs are supposed to brainstorm on what kind of mistakes the players may make and then correct that in the design of the game.

How about he doesn’t tick that message box or even better remember the instance to not make the mistake of shooting whatever in the future, how about he takes notes…?
No, CCP just has to work more and change things because players mistake blah blah…
They’re called “mistakes” for a reason and usually the one who makes the mistake is the one who has to correct it.

His argument is: they’re all mistakes: ticked the box while he shouldn’t have, put safety on Red Ooops! My mistake, shoot at CONCORD Ooops! Didn’t mean to do that… and CCP is supposed to design the game around that clusterf…

I am not familiar with the mission so I don’t know what it entails. He says that shooting the structure does not bring the wrath of CONCORD, so I can not be certain the mission has any instruction to change the safety, or if the mission dialogue explains the safety settings and what they do so a player would know to change it back.

Telling a new player to do something dumb without adequate explanation of what they’re doing would be a game design flaw, but I can’t tell for certain from the description whether it is or isn’t by those standards.

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So yes, you are incapable of logical thinking.

I will try it one last time.

It is not a good design to popup the same warning box that one gets when attempting to shoot empire structures which gets him CONCORDED while doing PVE mission where he MUST shoot a neutral structure and it doesn’t get him CONCORDED.

@moderators please close this thread, I will report that as ingame bug instead.

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There is no mission briefing, to my knowledge ( at least at Caille University ) that tells you to change the safety on your ship.
He’s talking about a mission where a pop-up says that shooting at some structure is a crime ( while it isn’t in the specific mission ) and he supposing that a new player would tick the “Don’t warn me again” button then would later forget that shooting at certain structures is a crime.
It’s a made-up scenario and he expects CCP to provide contingency for that.
How many made-up scenario can we come up with and should CCP remedy for every scenario we may come up with? That’s gonna cost more than $20 a month subscription.

He should learn the difference, empire and neutral structures aren’t the same thing, maybe remember and seek more info on it and not shut down a pop-up without checking what it’s all about and if it takes his ship blown up because he assumed then so be it.
You mentioned it yourself “by mistake” did your OP say. EVE is an unforgiving game. Mistakes will happen. We’re supposed to learn from them, not change the game.

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