Anomic Mission Corporations

I was wondering if there are any Anomic Mission corporations that help run the Anomic Mission offered by agents?

I recently received three of them almost back to back. The missions look like they have a lot of value to them but after running one and losing a Daredevil I thought I would ask for help.

If there are any Anomic Mission Corporations what is the fee for your assistance?

Pretty much all the Anomic (Burner) missions are able to be done solo. As a matter of fact, there is a guide in this very forum that tells you how: Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

Also: Blitz and Burner Guide v1.2.3

Check these out before you lose any more expensive ships.

Could do so, but I just can’t trust random guys who may lead me to a fleet of gankers.

I believe karmafleet in goonswarm has a program for this, the catch is you have to join them do the missions in nullsec.

they have one set of characters accept the missions go out and make bookmarks then contract them out. then the runners will grab the bm and go kill the burner. Probably not too hard to grind standings on a few alts and then grab up to 4 missions at a time and contract out the BMs. You have to pay the runner, but you’ll make a ton of LP and get the mission rewards. Or as a runner load up on one or two kinds of burner, take a specific ship fly around and kill them all. you get paid for each mission, get the bounty, and get whatever drops.

In highsec I doubt you are going to get the kind of trust required to do this.

I suggest just doing the ones you can, then save up and train skills to learn the next kind. If you can fly a Daredevil and a Garmur you can do most of the frigate missions, and will be pretty close to being able to do the others. Minny frig 5 is needed for the DD web bonus and the wolf, And caldari frig 5 for the garmur and hawk.

From there I’d suggest minmatar cruiser 5 for the vagabond and the vigilant’s web bonus that should get you the serp and angel bases. Can add the gila for the blood base, but lately I’ve been skipping it.

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