Anomic Missions - Inconsistency of acceleration gate names

Hi, I submitted this as a bug, because of the inconsistency found. I also would like to bring this to the forums, just in case this is the correct place to post this:

Server: Tranquility
Title: Inconsistency of burner mission gate names

The inconsistency here are the mission gate names of some burner missions. For example, anomic teams and anomic bases have the exact same gate name. Anomic AGENTS gate names are ok (don’t change those, please!)
Given that those are tough missions and you need bling and expensive ships, it is very easy to mix up the missions when you warp to them, and you can warp a frigate to a base mission, which will get you killed very fast. By fixing the gate names, we have a chance of verifying the gate name before warping to the anomic burner with the wrong ship or fit.
Below you can see the anomic mission, their current gate name and the suggested gate name.

(see formatted list in )
Mission Current Gate Name Suggested Gate Name
Anomic Team Jaguar Warp Gate Jaguar Anomic Team ( Warp Gate )
Anomic Team Vengeance Warp Gate Vengeance Anomic Team ( Warp Gate )
Anomic Team Enyo Warp Gate Enyo Anomic Team ( Warp Gate )
Anomic Team Hawk Warp Gate Hawk Anomic Team ( Warp Gate )
Angel Agent Angel Anomic Site ( Warp Gate ) [the same]
Blood Agent Blood Anomic Site ( Warp Gate ) [the same]
Serpentis Agent Serpentis Anomic Site ( Warp Gate ) [the same]
Guristas Agent Guristas Anomic Site ( Warp Gate ) [the same]
Sansha Agent Sansha Anomic Site ( Warp Gate ) [the same]
Blood Base Warp Gate Blood Anomic Base ( Warp Gate )
Guristas Base Warp Gate Guristas Anomic Base ( Warp Gate )
Serpentis Base Warp Gate Serpentis Anomic Base ( Warp Gate )
Angel Base Warp Gate Angel Anomic Base ( Warp Gate )

OBS: The gate name is also the default bookmark name, when you bookmark the gate. This is a good feature, and the gate name alteration should continue to reflect on the bookmark name.
OBS2: All the gate names pointed here are the “space” names of the objects. in the overview, all of them appear as “Acceleration Gate”. Fixing only the “space” names is ok, but it is desirable that those names are also reflected in the overview, if possible.

This inconsistency fix will improve a lot the quality of burner missioning.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Find a mission agent who can give you L4 burner missions
  2. Accept an Anomic Team mission, an Anomic agent mission and an Anomic Base mission
  3. Go to the mission warp gates
  4. Verify that teams and bases mission gate names (in SPACE) are the same (“Warp gate”) and that Agent gate name (in SPACE) has a good description (“xxxx Anomic Site ( Warp Gate )”)
  5. Verify that all mission gate names (in OVERVIEW) are the same (“Acceleration gate”)
  6. Bookmark the gate and check that the gate name in SPACE is also the default bookmark name (this is good, please don’t change this behavior)

You can tag the post with Bug-related to help people find it.

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However, this proposed change will ruin my effort in trolling MTU hunters of throwing MTU in an Anomic Base.

Tagged, thanks!


I second this. Would make anomic missions far less painful.

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