Anomoly Map

Does anyone know if there is a map/list, DOTLAN or other, that showsvall the ANOMOLIES in New Eden.
I’m trying to find a spot that has ICE, an ANOMOLY or 2, with a player station that will let me compress, reprocess, and build BP’s.

DOTLAN can help with the ice and station.

Not so sure about anomalies.

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Uh, the Agency ingame does that for ice and combat anoms. System Info windows tell you in the Structure tab if there are player structures, or you can use the Structure Browser ingame.

The popular mappers, i.e. Pathfinder and Tripwire, can track non-wormhole anomalies on top of wormholes. As the common procedure is to copy-paste the anomalies, rather then cherry picking or manual filtering the anomaly set, almost every user will just record any anomaly using those tools, so if you’re in a player corporation, your corporation’s map will likely contain all anomalies discovered by other members

Eisbär. Been a while since I’ve seen that film. Not too bad, either.

Explore, bruh.

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I know a good spot that has ICE, three anomolies, and a player station which allows compressing, reprocessing, and build BPs.

I will tell you the location if you send 1 billion isk ingame.

Anomalies are frequently being completed and respawning, so any map would be out of date within hours if not minutes.


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