Another cloak/mwd thread

You definitely don’t need 10 seconds to use this trick. You can uncloak about 7 seconds in and it will still be effectively impossible to tackle you because of all the server delays. Look:


The bottom message is the last targeting attempt before the target initially cloaked. I was on top of it within about 5-6 seconds. The top message is when I uncloaked it (or it uncloaked itself) and I was trying to lock it. Only 7 seconds passed, but it was already entering warp.

I was using a very fast and agile ship for this. To do this in any less time would be a practical impossibility.

You generally have two options:
1 - bump them while they are cloaked, removing their cloak and screwing up their align time. This is tough and requires a good bit of luck (if they always spawn on the opposite side of the gate as you, no chance).
2 - get ahead of where they are going with smart bombs. This usually only works if you already have a camp set up and they are heading right at it. Will destroy your sec status in lowsec, too.

Or, if you really don’t like them and want to dump a notable amount of isk into making them unhappy:
3 - pay a HS wardec group to wardec them for a month (works to a very limited extent, and can be easily Evaded by using a holding corp alt) or pay for a suicide hit against them (chances are they will hit an empty indy ship and will be a lot more expensive than it’s worth most of the time).

There are always other options available to make them suffer, but at substantial cost.

The counter-play method I know is to decloak them before they warp off.

Never really tested it myself in the past, so I just gave it a try on the test server. It seems you can get a reliable decloak off in only a couple of seconds if you play well.

(But my tests aren’t entirely realistic because I’m multiboxing both characters; when I’m going for the decloak I cannot yet be cloaked on the other character at the same time…). If you’d like to give it a try against another player on the test server, let me know.

As I see it, the way to catch MWD cloak trick haulers is:

  1. Set default orbit range 500
  2. Prepare overview tab to only show target ship (Filter on ship type, not friendly or NPC, so you don’t accidentally lock gate, a rat or some ally)
  3. turn on MWD
  4. repeatedly click orbit on overview (until they drop gate cloak and your ship starts to move)
  5. overheat MWD and click scram
  6. repeatedly ctrl click overview until decloak - lock - scram happens

The idea of using ‘orbit’ is that your ship keeps moving towards the orbit path you gave, even if the target cloaks up. Using ‘approach’ on the enemy ship stops your ship once the target is gone/cloaked, while ‘orbit’ keeps you moving.

When testing, I noticed that even if a DST is moving as fast as it can in a perpendicular direction with MWD on, the cloak makes it slow enough that this still reliably decloaks the ship.

The only point of uncertainty in this strategy is the distance between your ship and where their ship lands on the gate: if it lands too far away your ship won’t make it in time to decloak it before it can warp off. I guess you can minimize travel time by starting close to the gate, or by using multiple decloaking ships covering multiple parts of the gate if you’re camping with other players.

As others said, just decloak them in time. Obviously this is tricky with most ships, but a really fast frigate or using light fighters makes it very doable.

Have you tried on the test server to replace 1 trimark with a % increase in mwd duration rig that extra time might be enough to reach full speed.

Also you can decloak someone doing this: The best way I found is to move 20kms away from gate and face the gate. (they will spawn 12kms from gate and always infront of you, if they are on the opposite side of the gate then its just bad luck.) Sit at 0m/s with mwd on as soon as they appear double click in the direction they will be in about 3 seconds time and it sometimes catches them.

Dramiel seems to be the best ship for it as it gets to max speed rediculasly fast.

I remember being in a loki doing pve sites and a rote kapelle dramiel was doing this to me, he decloaked me on 3 of the 5 systems they chased me in but I managed to warp in time for each that’s how I learnt of it.

Clicking ‘orbit’ on their ship (with default at 500m) might be faster, as it doesn’t require your camera to be pointed their direction. Just an instant single click and you’re on a decloak path.

Also, one of the combat interceptors like the Taranis might be even better than the Dramiel.

I see the Taranis with just an overheat bonused MWD is almost at 7km/s already.

Orbit has inefficiencies thou the slight sidewards movement even from range slows it down a lot.

to put this in perspective in anomic missions the logi ship’s move faster than the main ship but becuase they use orbit command I can force the logi to pull range from the main ship and dps it down without it getting repped by turning against their natural orbit.

The orbit command might loose you a second over double clicking in space but yea starting a bit closer might balance it out might have to test and see.

I’d also suggest that using a frigate with a reasonably sized drone bay like an astero, imicus, etc. lets you significantly increase your effective decloak radius.

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I am kind of getting the feeling that the people providing these tips and suggestions haven’t actually had to do this before, or maybe once or twice at some point in the past.

But for me this is a reality that I face multiple times per day.

What gave you that idea?

Was it the

? :grin:

Maybe 60-80 times in 15 year’s so not often no.