Another Drug question ;)

(LanZin Madullier) #1

What kind of rigs gives bonuses to the final drug manufacture process in a raitaru?
Its several types, and i have scavenged google to find out without luck.

And is there a better place to buy Drug BPC’s than jita? I read something about somewhere in NS.

Thanks in Advance.

(ISD Sakimura) #2

For Raitaru the only Rigs affecting Drugs Manufacturing is:

  • Standup M-set Biochemical Reactor Material Effeciency I/II
  • Standup M-set Biochemical Reactor Time Effeciency I/II

For Azbel/Sotiyo it is:

  • Standup L-set Reactor Effeciency I/II

(LanZin Madullier) #3

I have those, but there is no rigs helping the final BPC manufacture process?

(ISD Sakimura) #4

Not sure, I’ve never done reactions before, I’m somewhat certain that those rigs I mentioned would also affect the final manufacturing.

(system) #5

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