Ansiblex anchor distance changes - Grace period until December 2019 for grandfathered Ansiblex structures

From CCP’s official Twitter:

In the Beat Around the Boosh update on 12 Nov, Ansiblex will no longer be anchorable within 500km of another structure. After a grace period lasting until early December, any established Ansiblex within 500km of another structure will be offlined. # tweetfleet # ringthedoorbell

What this means:

November 12th Update - Will prevent NEW Ansiblexes from being anchored within 500km of an existing structure. Currently anchored Ansiblexes will be grandfathered into their current (<500km) anchored locations.

Early December Update - Ansiblexes grandfathered into their current (<500km) anchored locations will be offlined if they remain within 500km of an existing structure.

The change itself is foolish. Was anyone actually threatened by stations that weren’t keepstars before when attacking a gate? Even then, it’s just the super weapon.

Now if they buffed station combat power with this… we might have a deal. Station guns? Better point defense? More fighter hp? Missiles that didn’t take longer than the warp distruptor duration to reach a target? Station mods without a cooldown? So many possibles, probably denied because risk is bad. You shouldn’t fear the station I guess.

I have no idea what you’re talking about here, friendo. These are changes to the anchor distance of the Ansiblex and Upwell structures out in player nullsec, not Stations or POSes.

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