Ansiblex Jump Gate And why CCP missed an Opportunity

Both good and bad being able to have connection that you control the flow of to another wormhole, example a C5 being able to have a permanent connection to a C2 with a HS static, great for the C5 folks but very dangerous for the C2 pilots who can be pushed out of there hole. This would also allow a presumably powerful C5 group has access to all the content would they want and a connection to HS.

This could start quite a few wars in wormhole space (can be viewed as a good or bad thing) and start the formation of large worm hole alliances. This could allow some good things to happen such as a bigger alliance could get people to start in a low class holes and then move them into the higher class hole easily, lessing the learning curve for some wormhole groups.

If it is just a one to one connection, as in only from A to B and B to A, then things are less scary , but if you can do from A to B, B to C, C to A then thing get scary fast as large corps can quickly push out there neighbors and take over large areas. Wormhole Capital movement could finally be a thing in low class wormholes, which sounds bad for any defenders.

Everyone would have to put up a gate in order to keep there hole safe from invaders at all times and would add and extra expense to keeping your hole safe. An Alliance with another hole would almost be a necessity in order to keep each other safe ( the ideal of wormhole couples is kinda cute, but would totally be a thing).


And I agree with that :slight_smile:
it would change WH as we know it.

For me, it would be a good thing. But I understand that some would think it’s not :slight_smile:

It would not be a good thing because it would make j-space the new null sec.


I don’t think a stargate can connect to another solar system billions of light years away. And i agree with tje above poster, last thing we need is wh space to be the new nullsec!


While I differ on the “would become new null sec” I can understand that’s not the opinion of everyone ^^

but on the “connect to another star system billions of ly away” well…
no, that’s the point in fact ^^"

this gate would only connect Wh to Wh…

Such a good idea, i was sad to find out they don’t work. What was the point of putting all the wormholes in constelations et al?

I think the far more interesting (and practical, IMHO) option would be to make former Jove space accessible via null sec statics, minus the systems used by CCP, and change those regions to conquerable null sec. We already know that the drifters destroyed the Jovian gate network (i.e. Caroline’s Star) so there are no gates in those regions, most of the Jove are purportedly already dead so all of their shiny tech 7 mining lasers and such can be replaced with old and broken stuff, and all the systems in question are already on the New Eden map so you don’t have to worry about drawing a whole new map for Anoikis to establish “official” distances. Seems pretty easy to implement to me with minimal repercussions.

If WH’s are the only way to get into Jove space that would be interesting because we would finally have players actually colonizing ‘new’ space, perhaps the ‘sites’ could be ancient battle sites with lots of wrecks and cans. No combat sites and rats don’t have bounties would give some people a reason to stay in old null and the new types of sites would motivate people to move into the new space and colonize it with structures and gates. New gate types would be interesting, such as ‘gate hubs’ which allow for three gates to be anchored in a system rather than just the one. Or players could repair jove gates that would randomly connect with a neighbouring system using salvage from the ancient battle sites.

I like the idea of this jove space. Would make wormholes have an edge over other areas, and an interesting new dynamic of perhaps injecting more people into wormholes as it becomes a greater focus for nuill sec alliances. It becomes necessary to adapt and learn a whole new way of living in null sec.

Haha CCP do not have the will, capability or foresight to do what is needed for wormhole space.

My advise, is don’t live in hope. If you are not happy with what you have in W space now, it isn’t going to change.

gates in wh’s would make jspace basically one alliances space, a year ago id have said hk or lazerhawks now id say init, or the imperium.

they need to buff c1’s and c2’s imo, i dont think anyone runs them.

They are typically PI and moon mining holes with easy access to k space. Some C2 WHs are used for PvP given it has a j and k space static.

Agreed. We already have the unstable wormholes in systems with Jove beacon and they spawn fairly fast in nullsec (not sure about HS/LS). It’s enough for “stable” holes.

I think a shot super weapon able to knock out a Ansiblex Jump Gate in one to five shots is needed for some serious Null space single player BCMF Gun action.

The key attack here is that wormholes are unnavigated, unmapped space.

something ? Everything !!

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