Anthropology Journalist Looking For Stories To Tell!

As a recent graduate of University of Caille and now a Capsuleer, I’m looking to make my mark. I’ve long admired Katia Sae’s quest and now completion of her visit to every single system within New Eden, and it sparked my own desire to travel New Eden and tell it’s stories where I can.

I made a name for myself within some circles at the university as a journalist with an interest in Anthropology. I enjoy telling stories about people I meet or see around me, conflicts, and resolutions. I’m hoping to take this to a larger scale and spend time within as many systems as I can, picking up odd jobs to make ends meet and allow me to work through New Eden as unscathed as possible. I’ve been gifted with a ship with fittings to keep me mobile and protected, for which I’m very grateful.

All that said, this cluster is massive. There’s a lot of news and stories to be found. I’m starting local around the university, but I’m not opposed to traveling long distances to chase a good story.

Does anyone have any interesting leads they’re willing to share? I’ll cite you in any articles I may write about the area, and if I’m able, throw some ISK your way if the tip turns out to be good!


May I offer you to look into Black Rise?
Of course, the low security part of it is now a warzone with us fighting gallente invaders. But the high security part of it is relatively safe, at least for capsuleers… what you cannot say about these prisoners of war that got into hidden federal prison camps.

And I would like for you to investigate this issue: despite the existence of these facilities is well known for the pilots, still certain gallente propagandist deny their existence, and a lot of baseline people, including high ranked ones, are unaware of this problem.

As a capsule pilot yourself you have a perfect opportunity to get in there and see everything that was hidden for others yourself with your own eyes. You can see all the atrocities gallente have committed - and still keep committing at the same moment while you are reading this.

I have been hearing a lot lately doubts - why we are fighting this war. And for this we really need to show people the real face of Gallente. Citizens shall know what we are fighting for and whom we are fighting against.

There are few areas on a map stranger or more storied than The Bleak Lands.
The entire region was the home of the Blood Raider Covenant. The Minmatar Rebellion, the Purge of Nation, and the Separation of the Kingdom all left the Holy Amarr Empire unable to deal with this deadly threat practically on it’s doorstep. A civilization of sorts did thrive there, but always hard pressed and barely contained by the CONCORD signatories that surrounded it.

Then, not even 2 decades ago, with Amarr enjoying a level of peace it had not known in generations, The Covenant grew complacent, kicked the beehive, and was drawn into a conflict which brought the swift purging of the entire faction to Delve. The speed at which this campaign concluded, and the scope of an entire region of Worlds being evacuated in the face of the invaders, left so many planets and cities as ghost towns practically overnight. Normally, such a huge military undertaking would have resulted in heavy bombardments from orbit, or protracted battles on the ground, but this was not the case; The Blood Wars lasted less than 3 months before the complete retreat began. As a result, so much of what was left behind was in relatively pristine condition compared to, say, the worlds on the front lines of the Matari Rebellion.

Amarrian settlers moved into the area with fervor, hastily rebuilding on top of the bones of the settlements of the many differing Sabik factions that all called the Covenant their protectors. However, in the wake of the so-called ‘Elders’ attack on Holy Amarr, and the subsequent commencement of the Pendulum Wars, the region was once again plunged into chaos after only a handful of years of calm, putting great pressure on those Amarr wishing to find a new life in this troubled region, and drastically crippling efforts to make The Bleak Lands a vibrant and growing addition to the Greater Amarria.

These are troubled worlds, the Bleaks, of that there is no question. You could run into Matari terrorist bands, zealous Amarrians driven by faith to reclaim, or even remnant Blood Raiders hoping to prove themselves to their dark overlord. Only the most driven of those who fight for their factions willingly deploy to The Bleaks. Outlaws and outcasts of all kinds find haven in many places scorched by the ever-shifting fronts between the Tribals and the Paladins, and there are many sectors that an academic should rightly consider insane to attempt to visit, but the amount of history contained there, and the circumstances that have kept the area unable to ‘pave over the past’, means the The Bleak Lands are a brutal playground for the archaeological adventurer. With ever-present conflict in the area for so long, scientific endeavors of discovery have been lacking. Many maps are incomplete; for Here There be Dragons.

Take a gun. Bring a guide. Explore. You may find what only warriors of a dozen different armies, hastily passing by towards their next objective, have had the chance to gaze upon.


You could write a biography about Diana Kim!

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This is certainly worth looking into, but I do feel it’s my personal obligation to clarify that I am Gallente myself, born and raised.

I understand that the nature of war is complicated and no one ever truly knows everything, but I am being honest in the fact that this is the first this has been brought to my attention, and I am familiar with your work in particular.

I will dedicate the time and effort to researching and traveling, and should there be such a truth that must be uncovered, I will do the responsible thing and hold those involved accountable.


I appreciate you providing me this information! I’ll start making travel plans and gathering a team to go with me. The more I think about this prospect, the more excited I am, thank you.


I’m happy to be of service.

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I’ve an interest in anthropology myself, so I’ll be interested to see read the stories you share with us.

I’ve also sent you a mail directly, and look forward to hearing from you.

Pratya yavati


If you are looking for a guide for the Bleak Lands, I may be of help. I would not be able to do it personally at the moment, but I have served in the region for nine long years and know many who could help in your journey, as well as provide protection.


I have gotten your message, and just sent a response. Thank you so much for reaching out!

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This would be very helpful! I am working on building up a good travel ship that can handle damage, but its always good to have back up and guide who knows the area.

I’m currently building plans, so if you have anyone in mind who’s willing to help out, please send them my way!

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You should fly a Catalyst and write about James.

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