The life of a Gallente Militant

Hi all, my name is Aeter Vemane.
I just started roleplaying as a Gallente Militant.
My goal is to track my progress over time and document it through stories about the character, his past, his plans and everything he might go through.
Thats why I started this blog:
Please feel free to comment on any lore inaccuracies, I am open to criticism and suggestions.
If you like the blog please feel free to share it with your corp mates and friends.
Thank you and see you all in game o7


A little update on my character: Curious
Soon there will also be a blog about an Amarr royalty and her struggles in the empire so stay tuned for that.
Also thank you all for the likes, they really mean a lot :slight_smile:

Day 4 of my journey through New Eden, check it out here → Day 4

Day 5 is here and things are starting to become interesting, check it out here → Day 5

Days 6 and 7 are joined into one, check out what I’ve been up to here → Days 6 and 7

I quite like the concept of keeping a record of your experience @Aeter_Vemane, It is easy for us capsuleers to become so focused on our destination we forget the journey. My only advice would be this, analyse and deconstruct what others have recorded, perhaps describe your actions and impressions more e.g. bringing up the scientific journal in your pod.

Thank you for the feedback I will definitely work on it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Days 8 and 9 are here, I venture into Low security space, Check it out here → Days 8 and 9

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The plot thickens as I discover my hidden identity, check it out here → Confusion


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