Anti-aliasing breaks UI when camera moving

Yesterday (3 May) UI/tac overlay functioned fine with AA turned on across different settings. Now (4 May) AA=low, med and high produces massive distortions of the space-anchored UI when the camera moves, see screenshot. Effects are at their worst at AA=low and harder to see at AA=high

There were some further changes made to AA today, which means many of the ‘overlays’ like the tactical overlay are now not part of the AA pass. It should be significantly sharper and have no blur after the patch released today.

Could you let me know if this improves things for you?

The tactical overlay is “fixed” but ships and modules dont look good in the fitting window (artefacts, lines of module boxes look better without AA, the typical TAA artefacts when objects are moved) and TAA introduces alot of artifacts that are really poor for a game like eve.

Overall TAA was a really poor decision with all the artefacts and moving blurr it introduces. It is so distracting that I deactivate AA in all games where TAA is the only option. Please consider leaving MSAA as a legacy option.

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