Unable to anti-alias medium shader, bug or new feature?

After patch 21.04 my client doesn’t allow anti aliasing with the medium shader (my GPU can’t handle multiple clients with the high shader and I refuse to use potato mode). I can confirm Eve looks pretty atrocious without anti aliasing enabled. So I was wondering; is this a bug, new ‘feature’ I have to live with or just my client misbehaving?

New feature, anti-aliasing requires shader on high now.

However, due to the change in how anti-aliasing is generated, it does come with a small caveat: low / medium AA is no longer available when using low / medium shader settings. This is currently a technical limitation due to how the game is rendered at the moment but will be revisited at a later date.


I tried to enable forced anti-aliasing through the Nvidia control panel, but it didn’t work. Can you suggest an alternative way? I’m not satisfied with high shaders.

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