Anti-Titan 100-Player Fleet

Target spectrum jammers (breaks all target locks on a battleship): niche use that is basically useless. With about 100 people targeting the guy it’s almost surefire that the jam is successful. So what if: there are ~20 battleships. About 100 Tristians, who give their drones to several drone bunnies. They have equipment and rigs to amplify target lock range and amount. They lock the battleships from ~200km away. The battleships target one FAX in unison, and once they get into hull/a titan tries to lock them, they break the target locks and warps away to a structure to heal. They come back, then the frigates lock them immediately. If they get locked they break the target lock, with the Tristians locking them once they see they’re not locked. The drone bunnies target whoever tries to come close to the Tristians.

(there doesn’t have to be 100 Tristians, less is ok)

Smartbombing battleships are this tactic’s weak point, perhaps small bubbles around the Tristians would be good, with special battleships designed against smartbombs (reactive hardeners, projectiles).

Can someone tell me whether this would work? What will happen? What might not work?

This would be amusingly ineffective.

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Even if you could fit a Tristan to lock out this far you will not be able to lock at this range and have the drone control rage also ~200km.

TLDR: It will not work.


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Give them to a drone bunny, who uses them.

Yeah, I read that in the OP, and as I stated already, it will not work.

You need to investigate how drones operate when assisted, and then come up with a new plan, the drones will not engage a target if it is out of ‘drone control range’ of the owning ship, so unless those tristans are within drone control range your ‘drone bunny’ will have a lot of drones assisting them that don’t do anything.


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Okay… The drone bunnies don’t target the titans, they protect the Tristians against people who attack them from the sides, which works within the control range. (bubbles on the sides to avoid directly smartbombing the tristians, and several battleships who counter smartbombs)

So in this scenario, what are you trying to kill? The single titan with fax support that you’ve managed to get 20 battleships and 100 tristans ‘in range of’ using only the battleship DPS, where you’re warping off the battleships when they start taking hull damage (or the titan locks them)?

Because now I think that is the flaw in your plan.

But happy to watch the video if/when you attempt this.


Actually the title is misleading. I’m trying to combat the titan (even if there’s 200 enemy titans on grid, they still can’t kill my battleships), while also killing the enemy FAXes (enough so that the enemy would retreat and leave my corp alone).

Right… but your battleships can’t kill anything either if they’re not on grid, and with more than 1 titan on grid it won’t take long for all the titans to lock 1 battleship and force it off. And given the length of time it takes a BS to get into warp, warp anywhere and come back (even if they don’t have to repair) by the time they get back the damage is done (or the hostile fleet has gotten bored and left)…

and if ‘denying a kill’ is the goal, then just don’t undock in first place.


The carriers can. So can the subcap fleet.

What damage? Force 1 off, 19 is still there shooting, right? Even if each titan only locks 1 battleship, they’d still warp off, come back, and shoot.

The battleships warp off when the carriers target them, and with sufficient tank, they can tank a few subcaps at once (if all subcaps target one person they break the target lock and run (to a safespot), if a few target each one at once they’d have time, keep shooting, and break lock+repair in order (to maintain scram on FAX).

No. A titan with no fit, and all lvl 5 skills can lock a BS in ~10 secs, and it can lock 8 targets at once. So in ~10 secs 8 of your battleships are no longer on grid, ~10 secs after that another 8 are gone, and ~10 secs after that you have 0 battleships on grid and therefore nothing forcing the titan and it’s support to stick around so they leave.

Alternatively ~30 secs after your fleet lands the Titan and his friends is able to kill whatever it is they were there to kill and leave.

You have nothing to apply damage to the enemy FAXes, so you’re not killing anything.

This also completely ignores the amount of time it takes a BS to get into warp, warp to where ever, come out of warp, then get back into warp and land back on the Titan grid.

Surely by now you are able to see that the proposed plan simply will not work (and at best is incredibly naive)… either way I’m done, best of luck.


Hum. Perhaps I was using the wrong formula. My calculations were 30 seconds. Okkkk I see… That wouldn’t work… Um… What about if the battleships break lock then continue shooting without warping off? (with the Tristians applying locks every few seconds to those who their locks just broke) Edited OP too.

You do know how support fighters work, right? They’re going to be tackled before they get the chance.

TSB is annoying, but with proper targeting discipline, a competent fleet could easily alpha before it gets activated.

This is not a strategy.

This is a Rube Goldberg machine for generating memes.

Please do this, please record it, and please set the video to Yackety Sax.


You’re not wrong.

i even thought OP was an alt for Alistair Atreides and his weird tactics …:wink:

I’ll search him up.

I’m not to capital ships yet. Can you be a little more specific about


What do they do? What’s the strategy?

mmm ok, once you wrote it, it is easier to understand all this thread…