New ship idea for a new beginning

This is my first time in forums so if u do something wrong then sorry in advance :wink:

As we all know titans were a big thing in the past. It was a ship very little saw and when you did you probably got doomsdayed. Today its just another ship. Still powerful but not as “rare” as it was.

Most ships that come out are to be better than the previous and over all annialte them so lets make a ship made to kill the big fish in the sea. To kill titan fleets. A carrier mothership.

The ship will be 4x times the size or a titan with 3750 MB/s bandwidth (yes you say that correctly the first time) to manage large swarms or “swarming drones” which main purpose is to target capital fleets and maybe sub caps. That means it will have hundreds if not thousands of drones. All that makes the swarming drones unique is their ability to be pretty resistant against smart bombs and the best part. To “safe orbit” the carrier and other friendlies.

Safe orbit is an idea from a movie called “enders game” where the drones will orbit the carrier gaining a rather large speed and defence boost but losing the ability to attack. They will “catch” any incoming attacks coming from hostile ships taking the hit instead of the carrier being harmed. The carrier also has the option to do this to other friendly ships, preventing or postponing their deaths. In short if that shield goes down, your drones will be your meat shield.

If you don’t understanding then take a look at this:

The ship also gives the ability to “fleet dock” acting very similar to a station letting you change ships, modules and get more ammo from the fleets hanger. Or just get a piggy back ride to the front.

The carrier might also have a very powerful Capacitor Emission System to temporarily disable the entire battlefield/titan.

I’ll update this as new ideas come if this post gets any attention

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What is the counter for the carrier mothership? Dude what you want to create is a spaceship God

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The idea behind EVE is that there is no best ship. A Titan is not the best ship. It fits a role and that is it. Your idea would be, as Jita said, just an overpowered ship and we don’t that.

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The best ship is friendship

Friendship is magic

Magic is heresy

Heresy is punishable by death



I may call PETA on you for your desire to melt the hamsters with that drone swarm, that’s why standard ships are limited to 5 drones.

If you want to have something more powerful than a Titan, get a faction Titan.

Not overpowered at all, as it’s just a PVE ship, intended to make some money.


The titan was also when it first came out.

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The idea of the mothership it to provide fleet support and take a lot of punishment from the enemy front line. See it as a portable station with the price tag of a keepstar. The “swarm drones” will have terrible attack but there will be a lot of them. Its a “counter capital” and maybe people can have a spare sub-cap ship or two in the “fleet dock” and a clone in there (unable to install more when out of alliance spaces)

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Only 5? Dont carriers have a lot more than just 5 :joy:

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Chaos? Imagine getting that thing into Pandemic Hordes home system… :smiling_imp:

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Notice I said ‘Drone’, not ‘fighter’.

Carriers are usually in lower quantities than other ships that carry drones, and now with fighter wings, a single entity tracks multiple sub-entities helping to reduce server calculations.

Titans already fill that role, price tag included (faction titans). They have fleet hangars where people can access fitted ships and also can fit clone vat bays for fresh clones.

Besides, that amount of drones you are suggesting would cause lag on the server and big battles would have even more problems.

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ill go with idea, under its a anticapital, no it wont have thousands of fighters. it should have maybe twice that of a super carrier and cost many times that of the titan.

the whole drones intercepting hostile fire cant happen because of programming, that would open a whole new combat set of tactics because ships, stations, asteroids would all be able to end up taking hits instead of intended targets.


It will probably bump itself off grid.

I asked for the counter of your carrier mothership, not the size of it unless it will die because of fat :stuck_out_tongue:

Counter…? A lot of capital ships. Just like when the titan first came out, there wasn’t much of a reliable counter… I think

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OP wants a supercarrier with a built in tidi shield. Must have been inspired by the dwarven lagshield of vanilla wow.

Max drone control of 5 was instituted to reduce server lag.

You want to go the opposite direction. Wtf? Fleet fights are already bad enough due to tidi.

Yea I didn’t realize how big of a problem server lag was in Eve.

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Just noticed. There is an eve thread where Jove had a mothership

Maybe that myth should become reality

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