(Shameless EVE Screen Capture)

Full 4k version at

EVE never fails to WOW! me with the graphics.


RIP mining barges.

Whats supposed to be happening there?

Is that all one guy’s Orca army ?

Extremely exquisite screenshot.

I have set it as my desktop and I know what that feeling feels like waiting for the chunk to arrive.

Something that only a certain type of eve player might know that answer you seek.

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I think it’s moon mining right before the piece taken out of a moon gets exploded into a belt. Not completely sure but I guess Dr. Mysterioso up there doesn’t want to reveal something so secret.

Some of these Asteroids Sir, just arrived!

Ok. Still looks kinda cool even if it is just strip mining

Could be an upwell gank via fleet of Orcas im guessing. hard to counter that and im sure the upwell owner is briming with joy. hehe

well done indeed! :hugs:

Plot twist: it is a neutral fleet of orcas that arrived to steal the fresh and tasty chunk of moon…

How I wish that would emerge from the cloud and be an Avatar that doomsdays everything in front of it.


Or the chunk explodes unexpectedly without the moon drill shooting it, just so a hundred triglavians swarm out of it after shouting “Hello there!” in british accent :face_with_monocle: then start scramming and mini-doomsdaying everyone. :explodyparrot:


Welsh would be the best one to choose.

Just add “boyo!” At the end

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