Antisocial design of the game, CCP is to blame! :psyccp::psyccp::psyccp:

Elephant in the room!

I just found out that te game design is antisocial. Devs dont want us to play together. Else they would make it that make, find and join fleets is easy. There is not even a “limit to system” or “limit to amount of gate jumps” option. :psyccp:

I tried to make public fleet for event runners and I could not make it truly public. :psyccp:
There was some talk back in 2014 about that and CCP did not pick up the ball. :psyccp:

The antisocial is real in this game. Pearls Abyss please notice how broken is this game. :psyccp:

Please post your own notices about where elsewhere it is antisocial. :psyccp:

And yet other threads regularly claim EVE isn’t really made for solo play, but that groups have all the advantage. So it is a social game.

I guess at the end of the day, people will find whatever bias they have to be true, and that the sandbox somehow limits them.

On this specific issue though, groups like Spectre Fleet thrive on public fleet play. The creators didn’t stop to whinge about how difficult that is. They just went and made a community.

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Fleet finder in EVE now

I would use it…you are too sensitive…

I do not understand. As a solo orca pilot, I have just asked a venture pilot if he wanted to join me for a boost. I right clicked on their name to invite them into fleet. It was that easy.

When they left, I closed the fleet and the box automatically opened with options for what public fleets were available to me. It was that easy.

I do not understand this either. Unless you turn it off, you are always alerted if you are going to jump into low and null sec. So that limits the system. Or, if you mean limit the systems when searching for fleets? The Fleet Finder tool gives you 5, 10 jump and region limits. Or you can just search for any public fleets. So again, what is the issue?

Fleet Finder works. You do need to apply a bit of intelligence first, before it truly works out. For example do you need to have friends and they should be blue to you, and then do you set your fleet advert up so only friends can join. This prevents your fleets getting trashed by randoms. You then just tell your friends that you do fleet adverts and they’ll make use of it.

I regularly use fleet adverts when I go mining and I do have friends joining up for boosts and a chat whenever they find time for it. Works just fine.

I don’t undock these days.How you gona play with me?

By orbiting the station at 5000m on MWD and switching to HUD view.

It’s npc station but sure

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