Anveri Vestigo for CSM14

Who is Anveri Vestigo?

I am an American college student studying Mandarin and International Relations in Zhejiang University, in Hangzhou, China. Since 2013, I’ve been able to experience almost everything that EVE has to offer: from super warfare, to small gang, to dread bombs, to the alliance tournament, to wormholes. I hope to be able to use my varied experiences to represent the underrepresented in the CSM.

In Asteria Concord, a part of Phoenix Federation, I was a Strategic FC running everything from Dreads to Machariels to Caracals. Moving from FCing larger fleets, I had the opportunity to run Triumvirate’s Alliance Tournament team in ATXVI. Coaching a brand new team, we were able to earn our third place position through hard work and determination. If you’re interested in reading more about it, you can read my AAR detailing our climb from the bottom to the top. Later I moved into low-class wormhole space with Odin’s Call. Here I’ve been learning the ins and outs of wormhole space, and I hope to be able to represent my close friends in the CSM.

What do I stand for?

I plan to focus on five main ideas throughout my CSM14 career:

  • Tournaments and Community Interaction
  • Nullsec
  • Citadels
  • Low-Class Wormholes
  • and NPC Nullsec

In order to read a more in depth analysis of my platform and what I plan to be doing in CSM14, click here.

Tournaments and Community Interaction

With the AT cancelled, EVE loses an important bastion of PVP content. Tournament play is something that is incredibly unique and nearly impossible to replicate. Working with CCP I hope to increase the number of community events and community run tournaments.

Due to my experience with the Chinese community, I hope to be able to open a conduit of communication between them and the CSM as a whole. It is important to remember many Chinese players want to play the game just like we do. Like any group, it is only a few individuals who ruin it for the rest. With my many friends and contacts in FRT and CURE (and I hope to soon add Mango to that list) I will be able to keep China represented in CSM14.


Nullsec, while in a decent place, could use a lot of attention to foster a healthier environment for PvP. Currently nullsec is extremely static: even TEST was forced to call off an offensive on FRT due to burnout. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, such as:

  • The power of Ansiblex gates
  • Citadel power projection
  • Capital proliferation
  • Buffs and Nerfs to numerous ships


Currently citadels are extremely strong for their low price tag and spammability. They require nerfs to bring them in line with their POS predecessors. There are numerous ways to address this issue, from implementing a cap on the number that can be dropped in an area, to actually making low-power structures easy to grind. In my full document, I bring up several ways that we can address this issue–which I feel is one of the most important to discuss.

While I am extremely familiar with low-class wormholes, I don’t have incredible experience with high-class wormholes. That’s why I plan to be extremely active through the Praisebob discord, as well as on my own, in order to address the issues currently facing the greater wormhole community: especially by looking at C4s and C3s.

NPC Nullsec

NPC Nullsec is not in as healthy of a place as it could be. In order to breathe new life into these dead regions, there are at least three changes I plan on proposing to CCP:
Lower the entry barrier for L5s
Add new and increase the amount of Combat Anomalies in the region
Add a new form of “Plexes”

Where can I read more?

Here you can find my entire platform and everything I plan to advocate for during CSM14.

How can I contact you?

There are several ways to contact me.

The best (and preferred!) way to contact me, would be through my Discord:

Here you can talk about any questions, comments, or concerns you might have about me, my campaign, or EVE as a whole.

If Discord isn’t your jam, you can always mail me in-game or comment on this post. I hope to be able to answer every question here and on the forums.


I’m running for CSM14 and plan to focus a lot on small-gang PvP as well as creating a healthier null-sec environment. Read more here!

And once again, join my discord to talk with me one on one and to bring up any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.


Voting because of your citadel ideas, CCP have near killed all content with how terribly they overlooked everything to do with citadels, these changes should have happened years ago, it’s too clear to see the current state of citadels in this game is strangling the life out of it… unless of course you can get one 6000 player fight over a keepstar once in a blue moon to make things seem as though they are working as intended.


Citadels, to me, are very likely the biggest issue in EVE right now. If something doesn’t happen in order to stop how oppressive they are, EVE will stagnate and die.

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Having flown with you for the brief time I was in TRI last summer, I think you are a knowledgeable person, and you know what you want in regards to game balance, especially on the issue of citadels. I very much echo Racken’s sentiments. Looking forward to voting for you :slight_smile:

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I was on the AT team with Anveri and played in over half the matches. I even got a shout out on air from the commentators. But that isn’t important.

What is important is that Anveri and the assistant captain (who was the real fc talent, if not also a emo child who rages at the slightest provocation because ~maturity~)proposed and implemented a payout scheme for the TRI pilots of the AT based on theoretical payout values that they were warned were unrealistic and would not payout pilots accurately or in a timely manner, due to the low demand for the prize ships. Anveri ignored this warning, and payed out himself, the assistant captain, and other people who they felt most deserving (aka their corp members) vastly inflated sums of isk and prize ships, while over half the team received nothing but a set of skins. Aka 200-300b+ in value to some, sub 5bil to others. To this day, almost a year later, half of the team has gotten nothing, contrary to their promises of payout from Anveri.

While Anveri did a decent job figuring out the meta with the assistant captains, when the time came to intelligently handle our victory and ensure those under his responsibility were taken care of and rewarded for their work, he instead decided to enrich himself and those closest to him while shutting out the rest from getting prizes. In my mind, he is completely untrustworthy to hold such a position as CSM.

Further more, I retain a list of all the people who were ■■■■■■ over and never paid, as well as all logs from the AT discord showing the warnings that were given, as well as the immature reactions and ad hominem attacks on people’s character that Anveri and the assistant captains made against people who stated their concerns about the payout methodology. I guess if the intent was always to bluefuck their own team, can’t have people using their brains and questioning where all the isk is going.

Garst Tyrell, alliance leader for TRI, will confirm everything I’ve said here, because not only was he in channel for all of the above mentioned discussions, we have had this exact conversation together when discussing the issue and of blacklisting Anveri from ever working with TRI again.

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Cannot and will not support someone who allows others to be screwed out of rightful compensation for AT pilots. If you want someone who looks out for the few yea he’s probably the guy to vote for.

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ur are probably first on the list, cause if theres something that rise cannot stand is, if someone fucks with his money.


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Legit dude +1


Great ideas on citadels! Hope you get on!

What are your views about emergent gameplay? If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle invalid, would you challenge it even if you think that playstyle is a negative impact to the game around you and, if so, how?

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