Any fellow singaporean/asians?

Just started playing the game for a day, wondering if there are any singaporeans or asians playing? Would love to join a discord or befriend someone to play together… This feels like a game that’s more fun playing together with people afterall :slight_smile:

I am in the +8:00 time zone, very asian place.

Oh hello! Do you have an alliance or guild or whatever that’s called in this game? Haha… would love to join one… the game’s pretty complex for a beginner lol

I am a proud student of EVE university, I am also a new player, started to play about 2 month ago. EVE university is a good place to learn, you can follow this guide to apply.

but as other people say, new players should finish career agents and Sisters of EVE epic arcs first.

I’ve finished all the career agent quests… now I am feeling a little lost as to what to do… lol

do SOE epic arcs. ahh man I really hope some of the more experienced players would come and help you, I am still a newbie.
here are two of the people that flashed to my mind, they are super nice.

You go to sleep then wake up in the morning to find someone accusing you of Niceness!!!
(thank-you - it’s nice to be appreciated)

Cherple, you are absolutely right. Eve more than anything else is a social game: players working together to build bigger and better worlds and ideas within the sandpit. Also, having people to chat to, and laugh with, is always good.
I can recommend Eve University as a place with good people willing to help others learn the ropes (I normally recommend them, and Rick seems happy there!)

The player groupings in Eve are called Corporations (corps) rather than Guilds. Corps group together in Alliances, a larger in game structure. Multiple alliances may agree to work together in a common purpose - these then to be factions/groups/blocks. Within an Alliance, different Corps may specialise in different things, so it is easy to find a niche that works for you.

If you’ve not done it, the SoE Arc: “The Blood Stained Stars” is worth running through. A couple of the later missions are “good Destroyer fit” missions, but most are easily tackled in a Frigate by a new player (Rick has run it more recently than I have). It’s a nice introduction to the ideas and background (lore) of Eve and how the different empires interact. You get a modest amount of ISK and a nice little standings boost for the Faction of your choice.

Otherwise: Try a range of things - you’ve done the career agents so will have a handful of ships and a small amount of ISK. Find out what you enjoy. Don’t fall into the trap of being afraid to risk ships, Eve rewards risk. That cheap exploration ship you have. Sling a Relic Analyser I on it, (and/or a data analyser) and dive into a wormhole. Have a look around (bookmark the way you came in - getting lost is easy!) explore things, try things. Eve doesn’t tell you what to do - no more than the real world does. You can make your own path in New Eden. That is daunting for a lot of new players where MMOs do the “you must go to Wombatville and get the Sword of Smiting” to progress a storyline of becoming the Hero that kills the Jabberwocky. There is an evolving story in Eve, you can engage with it as much as you wish, it’ll carry on without you (but may impact you anyway - you can’t opt out of the destruction of a war going on around you - but you can decide if you fight and who you fight for).

Don’t sweat “must have more ISK for bigger ships” - bigger ships aren’t as much fun as small ships. You get paranoid about losing them (and you will loose them). Enjoyment is more important than bank balance. There is no scoring system in Eve. Don’t listen to the “I can make Billions an hour” players (there is a rude analogy that springs to mind). I’ve billions. There’s nothing I want to spend it on. But I ain’t going to wave it around.

Apart from all that unsolicited advice, feel free to ask any questions you wish (and to ignore the answers!): there’s no such thing as a silly question - New Eden is a very deep and complex place, and we all had to learn sometime.
And we are all still learning.

But most importantly:
Welcome to New Eden.

I’m Malaysian.I could contact you in game and we could do the Sisters of Eve epic arc together.Where do you live in Eve?

My nick is cherple. U can mail me and we can liaise from there. Altho I am v new so I’m not v familiar with a lot of stuff haha

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