Any Freeport (Public) Refinaries for reactions in Low Sec?

Wondering if any Reaction Freeport’s exist?

As far as I know, no, and probably never will, reason, if any did exist pirates, doo doo doodlers would camp the area waiting for someone to undock to insta pop then grab the nice expensive products they produce.


I recommend using JFs to get stuff there, the gate MIGHT be camped at times.

Also, since refineries are structures, you are tethered when undocked. Popping someone on the undock is not possible…

Yeah true, didn’t think of that since I’m a poor pvp’er, but there will be station campers just like Jita, happens now where people do camp stations 1 jump from Jita regardless of the tethering.

There is a freeport tatara in tama. Pushx delivers to it.

Thanks for the replies, I hope most the tips are not pirate traps . I expect I am wrong though!

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