Low Sec Reprocessing Freeport

Is there a low sec Tarata freeport that has the t2 reprocessing rig? Bascially what this guy asked Reactions - any freeports? - Industry Gameplay Center / Science & Industry - EVE Online Forums

Except I’m asking for reprocessing instead of reactions. The answer given to him was a Tama tarata which no longer exists. There is a different tarata with a different owner now.

Nevermind, I found a good Tarata that my old corp has docking access to. And apparently I have docking access. And a bunch of players from my old corp also have docking access despite their alliances not. So uhhh… unless someone wants to continue this conversation I guess this thread can be locked.

Until somebody goes through the permissions list and asks “who tf are all these people” and you go back to square 1.

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Is that a freeport or is it a baitport?

I wouldn’t trust random freeports if I were you, even if you have access.

The owner can change access at any time, locking your goods inside (asset safety can get it out, but isn’t cheap) or just to kill your hauling ship when you expected tether and access, but land next to hostile ships at a structure you aren’t allowed to dock in.


Are tax/fee notifications a thing for structure owners? Because once I bet they get wallet entries with Tiberian’s name on it, they’ll gladly play ACL games to kill him while full cargo.

Neither? It seems at least 32 guys who used to be part of my old corp have docking access despite their alliances not having docking, meaning it isn’t a freeport. My old corp has docking access. My current corp, which used to be just a shell for my old corp before my new corp left Viriette hac docking access despite the alliance not having it. And my alts also have docking access.

Okay, might be worth using it then.

Just keep in mind that, unless you know the owner and trust them not to close the station to you at any moment, they might close the station to you at any moment.

Hmmm, you’re right. It’s not a freeport. The fact that there is a somewhat slective access list means that it probably isn’t bait. But on the other hand, I don’t really know the owner or their motivations. A new recruit in my old corp says he has docking access. Someone who left my old corp in September has no docking access currently, but when I questioned, he did mention he saw it on the overview once while he was in my old corp and he thought he had docking access but doesn’t remember since he never tried. It disappeared from his overview but I told him the station still exists. Anyone I asked who was in my old corp who joined in 2021 either remembers the structure and still has docking access or doesn’t know what I’m talking about. This is almost 30 guys. For those who joined this year but are no longer part of it, 3 never heard of it, 3 do have docking, and 3 got locked out. One of them even mentioned using it for reprocessing and reactions and then almost having to asset safety it to the NPC station in the same system (heck, its next to a moon orbiting the same planet as the moon the Tarata is) when he got locked out after leaving the corp, but then realized his two alts still in it have docking access. I don’t actually know the owner or their motivations or why I have docking access.

Basically, reprocessing freeports in low-sec involve vested interests. Even if you find a convenient freeport now, it’s not uncommon that It closes soon under pressure from other corps/allys.

If it is a freeport owned by a mega ally, it may be kept for a long time. Fees can be very high though.

I know. Tama had a good freeport and now it’s gone. A different group put one up but my reservation about it first of all, unlike the previous one, this one doesn’t have a well-established reputation so I don’t know if they’ll try to pull off shenanigans. Also the services are “meh” and while reprocessing services are technically offered, I’d be better off in an NPC station.

Some allies of mine hatched this scheme earlier in the year to make a refinery, but before we could work out the economics, they got stopped cold by diplomacy. They asked 3 groups in the area, each of which was powerful enough to make the project not worth it. My friends found out they could buy non aggression pacts from each of the groups, but when they offered to pay 30 times as much for not just NAPs but protection in case the structure got referred, they were told protection would only be provided if 70% of the ships lost in trying to protect it were replaced or if they would provide ships for the pilots. In short, they could afford the rent from the local groups, but not buy any muscle. Since the probability of the thing staying up was essentially zero, we didn’t bother with further details.

I did find something useful though, so I guess I don’t need to keep looking for one. I honestly don’t know the owner’s intentions.

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