Any High-security Systems where player-owned structures not allowed?

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Are there high-security solar systems where it is not allowed to place player owned structures (Engineering/Refinery, etc.)? I found a solar system, sec. lvl .5, with gates to 3 other solar systems, a lvl .7, lvl .6 and a lvl .4, with 6 planets with a total of eight moons…and no players structures anywhere…so my question: are there some systems where we can not place player owned structures? I was considering trying the Moon Mining, but do not want to buy the Refinery and then find out later that I cannot place a structure in that system. If there are solar systems where we may not place a structure, are they listed somewhere?

Being that there are so many solar systems, is it just possible that this one did not seem like a good fit to anyone, hence it being empty? A jump or two away I find systems with 5 or more Citadels, Refineries, etc., so I wondered about this one being empty?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Structures cannot be anchored in
Trade hubs (i.e. Jita, Amarr etc.)
Career Agent Systems
New Player Starter Systems
Shattered wormholes

and here is the link for starter systems

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Thank you for reply and information…the solar system in question does not fit into any of those categories, and it turns out that there are actually six player-owned Upwell Structures in the system…but for some reason none of the six structures appears on my Overview until I am within approx 2000km of the structure…then it appears on my Overview, but disappears again if I move away from it. I found all six structures while using D-Scan, and all six appear on the D-Scan screen from anywhere within the Solar System, but not on Overview. And Overview works fine in every other Solar System…I see Upwell Structures in other solar systems, but not this one. Went to the solar system in question with two different characters, from two separate accounts, and had the same thing happen for both. Filed bug report.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

This is normal behaviour. Only Upwell structures you have docking rights to will show up on the overview when you are not on the same grid. That means private structures will only appear on your overview when you are less than about 10 000km from them.

Upwell structures however will always show up on your dscan and probe scan windows as objects you can warp to regardless if you have docking rights or not.

It’s also possible that some classes of Upwell structure may not be configured correctly to be displayed on your overview. You should also double check your sertings to make sure every class of them is checked to be displayed.

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From what I know Suroken and Irjunen had some restrictions in the past, but as far as things are going these days no idea if they still have restrictions or not. Probably systems like motsu too, but haven’t been there in years.

these places used to be massive mission hubs CCP removed the belts from suroken, and prevented PI from being accessible in Irjunen. but these days seem pretty empty so I dunno.

Well, feel stupid after reading that, and realizing I’d been flying through areas where some structures weren’t showing on the Overview because I had no docking rights. I’d been operating under the presumption that the Citadels, Refineries and Engineering Structures which appeared on my Overview were all that were in each system.

Thank you for the reply and information.

You can anchor them in HEK… guess it never was tradehub after all.

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