Any kid friendly corps

Are there any kid friendly corps in Eve?
Let’s say for kids 12 and up?

EvE is rated T (13+) by ESRB and that does not account for online interaction with other players.

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My kids are 8 and 10 and will log in with me from time to time. Of course they’re the only ones I have recruited into my corp so far! Haha.

But we have a moon pop once a week, so if you’re into basic mining/industry, I do plan on keep things child-friendly in corp chat. Send me a mail


Outside of simply messaging every existing corp that isn’t in stasis or looking to just bolster their numbers, that’s a good question to actually bring up since I don’t think there’s really any corps created with the younger players in mind.

Any specifics? Are you looking for big corp? Industry? PVP?

I would caution anything that involves voice comms. Whether we like it or not, kids will always be looked down on and disrespected because of their voices and maturity.

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Why am I not surprised, you make your children mine for you.

Thanks, cool, I might look you up. Was just wondering if there are any kids only corps, like there is that girls only corp.

Child labour = best labour? :wink:

It really depends on the groups. Most corporations in my experience have non-PG conversations on comms. So maybe keep them off voice comms?

probably not, as advanced and complex as this game is, not many kids are really playing.



This is a game kids can play, but it contains a lot of players they should not play with.

EVE rule number one, even before “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose”: don’t trust anybody ever.


Ugh man … Eve … kid friendly … its not even adult friendly :frowning: This is the one game that I will not let any kids in my family play. To each his own I guess, but I just had to put it out there. And I’m pretty liberal when it comes to games. My reasons are twofold.

The way people interact here is toxic, often extremely toxic and unlike in a single or small group even violent games, its the social human interaction that affects them. Especially at mallable age ranges.

2nd is even worse. If you have played Eve long enough then you will understand that it can and sometimes does have RL consequences. Sometimes extremely bad ones. I don’t even play or connect to anything in the game or related without a damn good VPN because of this. I been around long enough to see what can be done to people and limit my interactions to in-game or game related and voice comms only.

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Lol hoping to find that still lol

I have nothing against women-only groups or women in general, but

Hahaha just joking, and there’s no way to be sure all the members are really women ahahah

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