Was thinking of creating a kid friendly/only corp but don't know if thats a big enough niche

Hello gamers,
Being 13 many people would consider my hobbies strange, an example of such would be my taste of games. Whilst many people prefer to to blow people’s brains out in fortnite (Or whatever most kids are playing these days) I sit here mining intergalactic space rocks all the while managing my spendings and making sure no baddies yeet me out of my ship.

This makes it quite hard to find kids the same age to hang out with and I often have to resort to something I still enjoy but not as much as my prefered hobbies. right now at school you could consider me part of the LGBTQ+ cliche.

Anywho I’m getting carried away so enough of my life story, I was just wondering if has seen/is/has children playing eve so I could start a corp without having 3 members. That would be a terrible waste because I just created this fabulous new character to create that corp.

Thank you,
The great Sir Yeetingston IV

This would be a bad idea of monumental proportions for numerous reasons:

  • Unless all you want to do is stay in hisec doing PVE in a war-immune corporation, the learning curve for EVE is incredulously high - far beyond the reach of all but the most prodigious of preteens. Preteens simply are not capable of mastering EVE on their own. If highly educated adults who are far smarter and intelligent than preteens struggle with EVE, I don’t think preteens are going to fare any better. I’m a learning specialist IRL, so I’ve got a unique perspective on this particular point when it comes to a person’s potential to master EVE.
  • You’re asking to be bullied to oblivion, and honestly the massive age difference between you guys and the rest of the EVE player base, which is significantly older than players of other MMOs, might enter into some gray areas for how other players interact with you in terms of mature content. It is better to be adopted into corps that can teach you and take care of you than have you guys form a little treehouse that wouldn’t hold up to wind.
  • Preteens generally aren’t mature so your corp’s diplomacy with others is going to be subzero. I mean just look at what you did in your first post: you ended it with a signature prefacing yourself with “The Great” - really? You just painted a target on your back. Your character name also screens “I’m an immature kid” when you name it off the word “yeet” - you honestly should roll a new character with something less stupid I don’t know how new or established your character is but if your character is fairly new and you want to roll a new one and get an extra 1 million SP to start with, use this invite code to create a new account with. Also: don’t reveal personal information about yourself. Nobody needs to know you’re part of the LGBTQ+ cliche. This kind of naivete is going to have you taken advantage of not just by others but even those who you thought were your friends. These kinds of indiscretions are examples as to why preteens should not form their own corp in EVE.

You and your friends should join an established corp that can mentor you (both about EVE and maybe even RL matters) and get you involved and keep you guys from making fools of yourselves.

I do not see many youngsters starting up Eve. I’m going to agree with the above poster that Eve is hard, and the other players can be very unforgiving, but if you’re of a mind to try to start a corporation and gather members, and you’re above board with the relevant parents, go for it.

Be prepared to tolerate some losses and rebuild. Worst case, you don’t attract any members and there’s nothing of major importance lost for having given it a shot.

Do what you want to do. Build what you want to build and defend it against all others for as long as you can.

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That’s a more positive approach, I’ll take the other guys points into consideration but I think I can manage I wasn’t going to do anything serious Ia anyway just want to have some fun.

And FYI @Archer_en_Tilavine I love my name even if it is embarrassing


I would say finding people your age group on here would be pretty hard. We have one guy who’s 14 who tried a similar thing with his friends and it just was a little too complex/slow paced for them to stick around too long. BUT he was also saying he had a hard time finding a group to accept him and his age so there is a possibility that they are many more out there in the same situation. I agree with Archer and try finding a mentor

I concur with Archer. Last i remember, the median age of an eve player is upwards around 40-50 years old. and you’ve got some people still in the game who have played since it started before you were born. Again im not sure on the actual ages here, but i don’t think there are a lot of people under 18 here.

I would like to see you have fun with the game, but not at the expense of your mental health that some people would be more than happy to exploit.


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