Any news on Nova?

is ther any news about project nova since december ?

ye im one of the guys that still hope we get a shooter set in the eve univers


Ohhh boy. Did you even play DUST 514?

Rumor is there will be no news this year but it is “back at the drawing board” what details that entails in secrets only CCP Rattati holds. #novawen

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Capture the flag looks neat, can we do that in ships?

You know that the developement of a game take years?

Ask again 2022 maybe…

From the latest news, they said it’s back to the drawing board and they’re not going to rush the project.

The first person shooter genre market is absolutely saturated right now, especially by the company, Epic Games, that licensed CCP the Unreal 4 Engine to make the Nova demo. They may have done studies of the market in the last year and saw that it was probably not favorable at this time.

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No, it is dead.

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