Project Nova cancelled?

I sent out an alpha request but was not selected to try it out… who were the testers that gave ccp negative feedback!? I was looking forward to switching between ships and FPS fun :sob:

How anyone thinks they can make a FPS to compete with Fortnite seems like a impossible business decision.

You should read some of the reviews from the playtesting at conventions and by game magazines. At best, they said the game was functional, but nothing special; that there were better examples of the same gameplay already existing in games already out. At worse, the reviewers thought it was a poor and uninspired attempt to recreate aspects of DUST combined with parts from other already established FPS.

Public Alpha is cancelled, but development supposedly isnt. At least CCP assured us it isnt. But they may be damn lying. Believe what you want. SC is being developed further anyway, towards realization of potential that virtual worlds can have. :sunglasses:

Gee, why should we not be surprised…?

They literally sent out an email saying it was basically put on indefinite hold, which basically means cancelled

When it comes to development, you can’t believe anything CCP states. I’m inclined to believe it’s cancelled. There’s more hope for any kind of mobile game at this point…

Lies, damned lies and statistics…

Does it surprise you that much considering where they were headed with the game? The old DUST players would have been more than happy with a new and improved DUST 514 on PC running smooth with some of the gunplay fixed up a bit and without many of the bugs and performance issues that DUST had on the PS4.
The wider EVE community just wanted something meaningful that they could dig their teeth into, perhaps something to do with sov, something to do with resources etc…

Of course in the wider shooting genre right now battle royal games are the fad but that wasnt likely to be what CCP were going after.

Really CCP if anyone is reading this - I speak from the soul when I say you would have been spot on just making a revamped DUST 514 for PC and then build on it from there. Could have had NPC survival / waves mode, BOT modes for co op and training play the list goes on.

EDIT - Real varied customisation (just like with EVE) and the social, corp life and planetary conquest aspects of the game were the real draws.

A decade and all they have to show for their efforts are two failed shooters.

For some strange and crazy reason they stopped work on project legion that was DUST 514 on PC, and replaced it with project NOVA, created from scratch, in completely other setting, without vehicles, without many things that were iconic for DUST 514.

I think it makes it very similar situation to what they have done with:
Ambulation - became one room described as CQ, then abandoned and recently removed from game.
Countless WoD prototypes - one was replaced with the other untill they settled on some minimal gameplay prototype that was poorly received by testers internally and whole idea of WoD was scrapped.

When are CCP gonna learn that they got extremely lucky when they designed/built Eve, that they can’t do other stuff successfully and they should concentrate fully on the Golden Goose.

You should keep in mind EVE itself up until Apocrypha was developed by other people who since then left the company and the streak of failures since can be atributed easily to lack of talent within CCP


If you look at twitch to get a somewhat representation of what people are playing you see that there is obviously a market for pvp based games since League, Dota, or Fortnite are almost always in the top. That news overall is good for EvE.

However there is already too many FPS, with Fortnite currently ruling over what was left of Overwatch. It just doesn’t seem the correct game to build with so much competition already unless you have some stunning new idea which Fortnite seems to have forgotten.

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