Project Nova

(ACESsiggy) #1

So any news or updates regarding this shooter? I was surprised they didn’t mention it at the last FanFest - one can assume since they didn’t the game is officially canned. :tired_face:

(DaReaper) #2

uh you obviously were not paying attention. At fan fest 2017, you know the one you say they did not mention? they did mention, and said its still a thing and they are moving that team to iceland.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #3

EVE Vegas next month

(DaReaper) #4

eh they tend not to mention other projects much at vegas. we will see if this year is different but so far…

(Krima Sumyungi) #5

NOVA: The Second DUST Failure.

(ACESsiggy) #6

Thanks for the info. Not sure how I missed any info regarding it :thinking:

(Blade Darth) #7

Gonna be less of a failure from the get-go, Dust was released exclusively on PS3 and died with it.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #8

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