Any players from Mississippi or nearby?

I live in the forgotten American state of Mississippi. I have yet to meet another serious EVE player in my state. I am beginning to wonder if I am a unicorn and if I am, then where the bloody hell is my damn horn? Well, if you are nearby, hit me up. If I dont immediately want to blow your ships up and takes your stuff, maybe we could have a beer sometime.

Didn’t even know you guys had internet. Don’t they hang folks with computers for witchcraft over there?

Unfortunately someone forgot about it too.

But now when you are here, you can try this:


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Oh come on man. Lynching folks for using internet was in the past. Of course they have internet. Just plug the phone line into the modem, fire up AOL, and good to go!

To OP: If you just want someone to play with in your time zone, I’m in Central, same as you.

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The south is full of things that sting, bite, and are venomous…plus it’s like a million degrees. No thanks

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This guy agrees with you 100%.

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No… hanging is for atheists now, just the atheists and those that say that Obama wasn’t the antichrist.

It’s the Dirty South. I do love this place, but I can’t deny anything you said. Haha

Bruh, I bout died laughing my ass off at that ■■■■. Haha the fam loved it too. Awesome name btw.

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