Any standing to prioritize? Like Sister of EvE... couple question


  1. Some ppl tell me that Sister of EVE are good for standing and gain LP then buy “probe”… but it’s there any other organization where is good to start get standing??

  2. Better to take mission from 1 corp/fraction or better got 2-3 (for the same level mission)… if you get “bad luck” with mission you can go to other NPC.

  3. Abyss in High Sec give the same amount/chance (i know, luck or not in abyss) for ISK or open Abyss in NullSec give more??

Standings have several uses depending on what you are doing.

If you are a trader, you want really great standings with the faction and corp running trade hubs to lower fees.

If you are an explorer traveling through low or hisec youll want to not have negative standings below -5 to avoid empire navies from chasing you.

If you want to run missions or epic arcs, youll need decent standings with either the faction to access all corp/agents or you can do certain corps. The standings has to do with what level agents you can access.

Locator agents require standings as well.

Low to zero reprocessing fees require standings with corp that owns station.

Sisters of eve arc (as well as all arcs) can be repeated every 90 days. The sisters arc can also give standings for each faction (but only one per run)

but… it’s any other good corp for standing where you can spend LP and get good ISK??

I dont mess with LP so i cant answer that one.

I was just giving a broad overall explanation of what standings are for.

As far as #2. Its good to have an idea where agents are at for the corp/level you are doing. You can decline the same agent once every 4 hours. Penalty for declining a second mission in the 4 hour window is a small standing loss to faction and a bigger standing loss with that agent and corp.

Running 16 missions for the same faction and same level will give you a storyline mission which will give you faction standings, but also give negative standings with another faction. (They can be declined without penalty).


SOE is about 1000 isk per lp which is considered small, Faction warfare LP ranges from 1000 to 1600 depending on times of the year, Thukker tribe is about 2000 blood is about 3500 serpentis is about 5000 ore is about 6000.

And Concord can be exchanged for any other lp.

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hmmm i test this Thukker but they give much less LP for mission and crap loot from npc.

LP is determined by security status of the system you pick up the mission not the faction.

All loot from npc’s are crap unless its tag’s imo.

At a -0.1 its about 14-21k lp for a good mission.
Low sec 0.2 would be about 17k top end high sec about 11k.

Risk vs Reward.

at 21k lp and 2000isk per lp thats 42mil per mission in lp alone, if that mission takes you 10min it gets good quick :]

Abandon looting abandon salvaging work on completion speed and blitzing and let it rain in lp.

Make yourself a spread sheet and track everything it will help you in the long run.

any sugestion about ship for L4 to finish THIS fraction mission?? Now im fly drake L3…

What ever ship you find fun to fly tbh, if you like the drake then Navy drake → night hawk is great against guristas/serp/caldari/gallente/mordus/merc’s

Assault frigs/stealth bombers can do them as well but they require manual piloting. And are good at getting passed gate camps in nullsec.

Some people love marauders, Golem is amazing as it can use any damage type and has target painter bonus so it can project down well.

Heavy assault cruisers are good as well, the cerb can snipe missions very easily.

If you want to run in low sec then I would say cerb or nighthawk if you want to go to null then cerb / af / sb, if you want to stay in high sec then golem is probably the best.

I personally use Hawk(Main), vengeance(vs amarr), manticore(to clear bs’s) and Purifier(vs amarr bs).

nah… High Sec mission L4… Trust Partners or other fraction BUT high sec. Got drake, it’s PancerDrake but slow like hell… got raven Fit but still not enaught skill for all parts of fit… sooo still L3 mission runner.

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