Any way to transfer isk and inv from one player to another

I’m a returning old player I have had many eve online accounts over the years I’d like to amalgamate them into 2 characters is there w at to do this , isk and inv and ships etc… I’d like to give it all to my returning main paid account

If you are omega clone state - you can use contracts and direct ISK giving. But I expect most of your “many eve online accounts” are in alpha state. For them the quickiest way would be to sell all they have, invest all they have into PLEX, put all those plexes into shuttle in a very, VERY quiet system and leave that shuttle somewhere in space. Your main char than board the shuttle and take all those plexes.

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none of them have enough to buy plex :frowning: and yeah they are all alpha’s now (back then you paid to play and I’m defiantly not going to pay to get the stuff from them… they were all fairly noob accounts with like under 10 mil credits some ores and pretty basic ships) back then you had to have separate accounts not like now where you can have like 3 characters in one account

I just hate seeing anything go to waste

if they are alpha’s can they all still meat up on same station somewhere safe and the trade or form a crop then put all the stuff into crop hanger then have 1 player take the lot. then close the crop ? and how do I transfer isk … is it possible

PLEX in a shuttle? That sounds like a trap :wink:

I see no problem at all in contracting stuff from Alphas to Omegas. The items may be scattered in New Eden though, but they will be owned by the guy who accepts the contract, which can also include money.
Money transfer itself also works quite easy, I never had problems to transfer from Alphas to Omegas. Just search the character in “people and places”, leftclick, and there is an option named “transfer ISK” or that like.


If I’m not mistaken even Alpha accounts can create one contract per character.
In a contract you can put all the items and ISK you want. But keep in mind the creation of a contract costs 10.000 ISK. so don’t drop the account to blank 0 if you may need to create more than one contracts.

If you have PLEX on one of your accounts you can also contract them over to your desired character and move them then into the “PLEX Vault” you can access at any station or citadel. There is absolutely no need to travel around with PLEX in your cargo… well, maybe if you are in dire need for content or something like that.

You can save some clicks and just type in the name in the “Search New Eden” searchbar in the top left. Okay… now you may have to click through more results than characters. Maybe it doesn’t actually save that many clicks. ^^

Also: If you don’t plan to use these characters anymore, you could make some extra profit from them with skill extractors. But there are better people to ask about that than me.

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Don’t listen to this scammer, just send your stuff with contracts (Yes, alphas can use contracts, idk why so many people think they cant. However you’re limited to 1 contract, and each contract can only have 500 unique items in it. Soooo, either send it piecemeal, or perhaps stick it all in containers and contract the containers as it would act like one item i believe. Then when you’re done, sent your isk.

Plex now cost about 3,5 milion, you just need 500 of them to pay monthly subscription. If it is true, that now alpha clones can make a contracts, than it is of cause the best way to pass the stuff. I am not in the game right now to check if alphas are allowed to create contracts now, but I hope that is right.

Sending ISK is easy - just right-click on your alt and select ‘Give Money’ and type in what you want to send.

For goods there are 4 ways I can think of:

  1. Use the trade window between two characters in the same station and logged on at the same time
  2. Use the ‘Deliver to’ function in an Upwell structure (player-owned station)
  3. Use a contract
  4. Use a container or ship in space

For alpha accounts 1 is not possible because of the login restriction. Of the rest, 3 is probably the easiest and safest unless your stuff is already in an Upwell structure (unlikely). As an alpha, you can make 1 contract so you might have to login and out a few times especially if your stuff is scattered all around.

You could also make a corp, but that is probably unnecessary. If you are willing to move the stuff, just go to a public citadel and use the ‘Deliver to’ function to transfer it without bothering to form a corp and rent a corp hanger.

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